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  1. I think reading everyone's reply that most people don't care what others do in their SL as long as they don't force the rest of us to play along. It doesn't bother me to see pregnant avi's or prim babies and I think child avi's are cute. It's the stupid tummy talkers, like others have said RL babies do not communicate to the outside world in the womb and if they are trying to simulate a RL experience then nix the tummy talkers ladies..It's annoying and dare I say just plain stupid.
  2. The Red House in 1920's Chicago (a gentleman's club) is looking for role play dancers. You need to be experienced in emoting and interacting with others. You will work for tips. This role play includes dancing and striping so if your interested in making lindens or would just like to be part of the exciting exotic dancing scene send a note card to Bonni Haven inworld. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shepham%20Estates/198/117/22/?title=The%20Red%20House
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