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  1. hi there it wasnt down to the grid its down to the viewer on my computer
  2. its not the internet my wife is running to the program and she has no problems
  3. tried that and still the same problem this started ever since they updated the viewer from the 3.0 and now i have three computers and i cant load the new sl and my wife has an older computer to mine and she can run this new viewer no probs .
  4. hi there my computer is dual core and i have 256ram griphic and 3gb ram iam running windows 7 and its mmx(+) 2dnow(+) sse (1.2.3) x86-64 amd-v amd athlon ql-65 if thats any help to you. the pproblem is that i can install sl but after that it will not boot up.
  5. nothing it just blank no error no load the mouse pointer show it tried to load but nope nothing no screen pops up
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