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  1. It IS possible to run SL on a netbook with an integrated graphics card... but the ridiculously low FPS rate makes it choppy and hard to use. I have an older Compaq Mini 110c with an integrated Intel GMA 950 chipset and can run SL ok - but only in low-population sims (or skyboxes). I have Win7 / Ubuntu 12.04 dualboot and can run SL on either, even with Viewer 2 or 3 (not that I would suggest doing that - running a lightweight 3rd party viewer produces better results, and I've tried pretty much all of them except Henri's). IF you run Windows on a netbook, I definitely suggest running your v
  2. My skin's not muscley, and I really like the fact that it isn't. However, I think I'm a little too pretty, so there's that. On topic: That face looks really good! I'm impressed. But yeah, Darren isn't exactly "Mr. Rippling Biceps" - so seeing that face on that body kind of made me snort. I totally understand what you're saying. I agree with the comment about looking at teen skins - mine is kind of an older teen / young 20s skin so I'm not completely ripped. You may even find one you really like that works with little modification (although, he may look like late '90s Savage Garden Darre
  3. It isn't only about sex and partnerships - my best friend, for example, teaches English as a Second Language inworld. They throw great parties too, and it's pretty PG (although sometimes it slips to M due to them getting drunk. Heh). I do role playing, and while the sexual side is part of it, it's not the reason why I log in. I log in due to the storytelling aspect of it, even if that storytelling becomes erotica, I take my roleplaying seriously and having a well-developed character is important to me, regardless of the rest of it. When someone just walks up and IMs a proposition, I'm alw
  4. In my opinion, what happens in SL stays in SL. I do have a couple RL friends that also are inworld, but they were RL friends for years before I joined (I've only been on a week or so). Other than that, I don't forsee meeting anybody RL that I've met inworld. That's fine with me. I've been on many other social forums, roleplay communities and games and met tons of people from all over the world. I don't see SL as anything other than that - a place to meet people from everywhere.
  5. It's been coming and going - however I just did a transaction and it went through ok (and I got all my items no problem).
  6. I wouldn't mind Stayin' Alive as my walk music... or Another One Bites the Dust - although I think I'd irritate all of my SL friends. For Halloween, I wanna dress like a cop and have the COPS theme play. (Just kidding, just kidding.)
  7. The houses are really close together, so I'd hate for accidental evesdroppers - and I'm sure they'd hate it too. I assume if I leave the doors shut and don't have a conversation on the patio or start shouting I should be ok, but I don't really know - anyone know for sure? EDIT: What about text-based chatting, and not voice chat? Again, I assume if I'm indoors I'll be ok but if I'm on my patio can my neighbors see my local chat? (I know this is a noob question. I'm just making sure before I start having house parties that I won't be bothering others)
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