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  1. Please I need help, yesterday evening schedule brasilia tried to buy lindens with my card and international credit received this LindeX Currency Buy - order_id = 53649025 - Failed But on my phone received approval from the Bank 1USD Linden Lab. How can you be charged 1USD if not received the lindens in the case would be $ 8.07 per 2000L
  2. always I used the original, then this update changed pro fire and remains same. In both can not enable all of the graphic buttons
  3. Good morning, I need help for my viewer. After the last update my viewer stopped visualize mesh body, I see everything white. watch some videos on chart and noticed that my buttons do not enable when I change the graphic, even leaving it in ultra. My only buttons enable up to the third, I can not change the quality of graphical configuration. need urgent help, does not like playing sl seeing our grandparents and buggy these updates always complicated and demanding more of our PC.
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