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  1. If you left click a cuff or collar it brings up the menu. From there, you can take control of the sub, and disable abilities of the sub, like who controls me. I tried to take back control, but she had already locked me out of that. In retrospect I should have turned off RLV and logged off, then logged back on somewhere else. But I was new and didnt know that at the time.
  2. So found the answer to my question. For anyone with the same question who finds this thread, go into the menu and click on "ownership". Set to "casual". This is the more for bottoms who still want some control. You have control over al settings, and the only people who can access the menu are people who you approve. Once in this mode you can also set the relay so that devices must ask permission to trap you (or you can keep it on automatic where you are just trapped. One issue with icollar is that the default setting is "standard", which allows anyone to access your menu without permission, and once they have that they can bind you and take away most abilities, like ability to see, communicate, teleport, hear, move. If you buy this system I highly recommend you first put it on in private so you can get used to it first, before someone snatches you against your control before you are ready for it. Of course, now that I know, I kinda like being snatched.....
  3. That's actually a pretty good idea.
  4. This product doesnt seem to allow that. I tried to.set an owner when in an empty space, and apparently you need to pick someone (not yourself) that is nearby.
  5. Just bought the Dominatach icontrol system, and the manual is not very helpful. As an unonwed sub, how can I set it up so random people cant kidnap me? And f they do, how do I get control back. The release feature concerns me, as does the abilities section where a causal user can restrict my control. And as an unowned sub, it looks like there is no lock feature, where I need to grant consent to someone before they take charge. If I wear the cuffs, can anyone take control?
  6. gfd39

    display name blocked

    yep, that what i did. still blocked.
  7. gfd39

    display name blocked

    thanks for the tipon posting. i am in my first week, and have no display name. trying to put one in. Georgia.
  8. gfd39

    display name blocked

    when i try to add a display name, I get a pop up that says my display name is blocked.
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