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  1. can someone help me? 'm no longer receiving email on my mi, already changed password, I could not change my email, and nothing can someone help me?
  2. nao recebo mais meus im no email, ja mudeu senha, nao consegui mudar meu email, salvei alteração....nao sei mais o que fazer.....alguem me ajuda?
  3. how can I buy land sl without having to pay rent? I want to buy land in Second Life ... do not want to pay rent! .. can someone help me? I indicate who can help me? I await answers
  4. como posso comprar um terreno sl sem ter que pagar aluguel? quero comprar um terreno no second life...não quero mais pagar aluguel!..alguem pode me ajudar? me indicar quem pode me ajudar? aguardo respostas
  5. someone has a problem to login now? I am not able to login today .. more someone is not? Can anyone tell me what is happening?
  6. L only to buy with paypal or credit card internationally? I have neither ... can not pay via debit account, bank, or invoice? or via phone or cell phone?
  7. I want to buy this house. GOTHICA full furnished house skybox Inside v.2.0 FURNITURE: All furniture are animated with no static and no freebie poses. the announcement says that I have. Unpacking Required This item requires you to find a place in Second Life (like a Sandbox) to unpack and use it. Where can I find a place like this? I'll have to buy? HOUSE: * 40x40 meters * low prim: 252 full furnished is difficult for me to do this to proceed. It's all in English. presciso a person to help me learn how to do this without any wrong procedure because the site says: Open Enrollment Inside Affiliates Group. Join it to be notified when you need to update your vendor due new releases or products update. (Spammers will be immediatly banned and reported) And I do not understand. Do not wanna be banned ... please help?
  8. if I buy a house in SL also have to buy land? so someone could help me how to do this?
  9. I could almost place, but give gave a teleportation failure. It is anyway? has more than someone with the same problem?
  10. I still can not login, I uninstalled the old and installed updated. Is that right? I still can not login, I uninstalled the old and installed updated. Is that right? or did I banned? I do not know what to do!! I have a week that game, it does not have an account premiun.Será What is this?
  11. I am not able to log into SL, which esra happening? what do I do? I've done the download of the update, but I can not anyway! Can someone help me?
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