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  1. Hi to all, I rent parcel form YourHOME and impossible complete rental, Pay linden and no able to take ownership of parcel. This some day ago and no any way to recieve support form YourHOME. Owner disappear, staff disappear, group no responde, no way to contact !! Any have suggest to return to my rent fee... Please help me Many thanks
  2. I think there is a misunderstanding ... And I apologize if I have not explained well ... ... people who stole the avatars have also changed the email, and reset functions and password reset does not work anymore ... ... is no longer possible to enter with quell'avatar and consequently can not even follow the regular procedures of complaint ... (Sorry for the question: Do you know then if there is a mode to make this kind of report?) .. Thanks again ...
  3. To help a friend cheated, place here your help ... Theft of avatar edowarrior2 ... Wednesday 2012, 12, 18 at 22.30 time or so, my friend was stolen his avatar "edowarrior2." > Him no longer able to connect, or to reset password. > Him no longer able to manage land that have rented. > Him have certainly been stolen linden / $ present in my account. The person who stole my friend avatar, is entering Second Life with stolen avatar "edowarrior2" and threatens to steal on "Local and Private chat" , other avatars and also another owner of the club that mana
  4. The subject is what i need to know, and not found in the Account Premium Pressentation Page. Please, if is posible insert a Note or an explanation table of the Prim correspondence. Thanks in advance Befuture
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