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  1. thanks to the friendly posts to my last question of why I can't go to other destinations I think I found my answer being that my Packet loss and Ping Sim are WAY!!! off. My packet loss flexes between 20% and went as high as 124% i was told it should be around 1. Second, my Ping Sim is around 30-50....so here is my problem, or at least one of them...can anyone help me get back to where i need to be. A couple people had asked if I have a wireless connection, an the answer is "no". thanks ahead of time
  2. I installed SL, but when I log in I get a message that says my clothes are still downloading (but it never finishes) when I try to go to new destinations It says that I have been disconnected. I tried canceled my account and making anew one, but it made no difference. can anyone help?
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