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  1. This script will do what you ask but the prim you put this in must not be the base/parent prim. It will only rotate the prim that it is in. It is the very same one I'm using in my windmill. integer ON;default{ touch_start(integer num) { ON = !ON; if(ON) { rotation MyRot = llGetLocalRot(); llTargetOmega(<0,0,.1>*MyRot,TWO_PI,1.0); } else { llTargetOmega(<0,0,0>,TWO_PI,1.0); } }}
  2. Hello. I am looking for some assistance with manipulating a basic prim server system I have developed with the help of a shared script for a vending system. Basically it is currently set up to give an item or all items I have in the server prim when the vendor prim is clicked. What I'd like to do is add a timer event to it only allowing each Avatar UUID to click it and receive the item every X number of minutes. I'd also like to add a menu option for the owner to be able to turn the hover text off. Here are the two scripts I am currently using. Server Prim: // Author: unknown // Script Retrieved from Free SL Scripts at http://www.gendersquare.org/sl string NewsServerKey = ""; integer a; integer b; string objectname; list invent_types = [INVENTORY_BODYPART,INVENTORY_SCRIPT,INVENTORY_LANDMARK,INVENTORY_NOTECARD,INVENTORY_CLOTHING,INVENTORY_OBJECT,INVENTORY_SOUND,INVENTORY_TEXTURE]; integer type; integer typecount; default { on_rez(integer i) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { NewsServerKey = llGetKey(); llSetObjectDesc(NewsServerKey); llSetText(" ", <0,1,0>,1.0); llOwnerSay(llGetObjectName() + "\n"+ NewsServerKey); llSetTimerEvent(2.5); } touch_start(integer total_number) { NewsServerKey = llGetKey(); llSetText("put name of server here ", <1,1,1>,1.0); llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0), "My Server Key is: " + NewsServerKey); } email(string time, string address, string subj, string message, integer num_left) { key target = subj; if (target == llGetOwner()) { llOwnerSay("Touch received on a client prim from you."); //return; // uncomment if you want to receive copies of the server content yourself } integer total_number = 1; integer i; for (i=0;i < total_number;i++) { integer invent_count = llGetListLength(invent_types); string myname = llGetScriptName(); for (a=0; a < invent_count;a++) { type = llList2Integer(invent_types,a); typecount = llGetInventoryNumber(type); if (typecount > 0) { for (b=0; b < typecount;b++) { objectname = llGetInventoryName(type,b); if (objectname != myname) // don't give self out { llGiveInventory(target,objectname); } } } } } } timer() { llGetNextEmail("", ""); } } Vendor Prim: // Author: unknown // Script Retrieved from http://www.gendersquare.org/sl string NewsTargetKey = "insert server prim uuid"; // change this with the UUID of your "Server" prim default { state_entry() { llSetText("Touch to Harvest", <1,1,1>,1.0); } touch_start(integer total_number) { llEmail(NewsTargetKey + "@lsl.secondlife.com", llDetectedKey(0), ""); } }
  3. BTW, be sure to restart your computer after you delete the program files and before you reinstall.
  4. I had this issue at one point. This was a couple of years ago. I don't know what could be causing it but the only way I was able to fix it was a complete uninstall, deletion of all the program folders, and then a complete reinstall. I know what you mean about trying different viewers, though. I tried with Firestore, SL Viewer, and some other one that was surfacing back then. Hope this was a little help. Also, are you trying to save to your computer or ingame? If you're saving ingame, try setting your photo size to the smallest possible and see if that works.
  5. "My internet browser does not load any pages, keeps loading -- This happens when I am trying to fix this issue in any of the browsers I listed above." Are you referring to your computer's internet browser or the internet browser in game, Laus?
  6. This is ancient and has since been resolved on it's own. My solution was to give up using SL Viewer. Firestorm worked perfectly. When looking up stuff on other forums there was a suggestion that SL Viewer was having some type of issues with Windows 8 users and would block them out of the viewer. Not sure if that is true, but was just a few comments I saw on some tech forums. If this was the case, it's since been resolved because not long ago there was a Firestorm update that had a bunch of glitches in it for Windows 8 users with my type of graphics card. I switched over to the SL Viewer for a day and the SL Viewer worked just fine. Regardless of my long story... this thread can now be closed.
  7. HPL Roleplay Group is currently looking for various entertainers to book up slots in our Big Top during our HP Lovefest to take place this Sept. 22-30th. If you have a circus act or any other such entertainment that you would like to perform during this huge multi-sim event, please contact me in world. These could include: Dance Acts Circus Acts - Tight Rope Walker - Animal Tamers - Jesters - Balancing Acts Magic Acts And anything else that you would consider quality entertainment you'd like to perform for BIG TIPS. If you require payment, this can be negotiated with myself. Contact Nosfera Ravenheart (nosfera.osterham) as soon as possible because slots are filling up fast!
  8. We are still looking for entertainment at the Big Top. If you are interested in performing some type of show inside our spacious Big Top during this highlighted event, please contact Nosfera Ravenheart (nosfera.osterham) inworld. We are looking for circus acts, dancers, singers, or any other such entertainment that would like to participate. Please contact me as soon as possible. Slots are booked first come first serve!
  9. I don't game wirelessly, ever. Too may possible lag issues. I'm always wired, but it is a Netgear. I don't believe it is a router issue, though, because I've been using the same router at least a year. The issues started just this last month. I said that it was a firewall issue with my router but I meant the modem. We got a new Samsung modem from our ISP and I wasn't aware that when we hooked up the new modem they installed a firewall with it onto each computer that hooks up to the service. Ignorant on their part not to tell us. Believe me. I had a fit when I found out. Installing crap on my computer without my consent or knowledge? ARGH! I was able to stay connected most of the entire night last night, however. The only times I seem to run into issues is while building a lot or uploading textures or images. If I'm rummaging through my folder to find the texture I want it seems to crash on me. Otherwise, disabling their firewall helped tremendously.
  10. Thank you for the suggestion. I will try that. I've discovered part of the issue. It was a firewall problem from my router, I believe. I disabled that firewall and am now able to log into the SL Viewer. Now I'm just having crash problem.
  11. Thanks for the response but it didn't help. I did look in "Answers" and saw this fix prior to ever posting anything. I tried it again, thinking maybe your off-forum post had slightly different instructions but it didn't work, either. =( I checked my speed (which I did when this first happened, thinking it was me) and ping and it was good. I've tried multple regions even before looking up help, with no luck. I've reset my router and modem (unplugging them, left them off while I watched a movie, then reconnecting them - first modem, letting it boot, then hooking it up to the router, letting it boot, then hooking it to my pc, letting it boot), no luck. I even tried bypassing my router, (hooking the modem directly to my pc) with no results. Finally, opened the ports SL suggests opening with no luck. Even tried assigning my DNS to Google DNS. I gave up and am just going to use a 3rd party viewer. Support never responded, either. I can't figure out what the problem is.
  12. Another thing I just noticed is that my viewer isn't giving me an option to select the region I want to log into (ie Home, Last Location).
  13. I did find out how to report a viewer issue to support. Sorry. Until I hear a response, feel free to leave any suggestions you may have.
  14. I have not been able to log into the SL Viewer for over a week now. Every time I've tried logging in I receive the message: "Login fail. DNS could not resolve the host name. Please verify that you can connect to the www.secondlife.com website. If you can, but continue to receive this error, please go to the support section and report this problem." I don't see anywhere to report a problem but here in the forums. I've already tried a number of possible fixes, such as: 1. Flushing my DNS. 2. Manually flushing the DNS. 3. I've check my router for any possible blocks (didn't think this was a possibility since I am the administrator of the network). 4. Checked my computer for any possible blocks. 5. Checked with my service provider for any possible issues. 6. Uninstalled, removed all files partaining to SL, reinstalled. 7. Installed another viewer. Any of the other viewers work but still I'm not able to log in with the SL viewer. I'd prefer to use SL's because it is the most stable. All other ones have crash issues when you log into heavily scripted or heavily populated areas from time to time. If anyone has any other suggestions, please throw them at me. I'm not willing to do anything that leaves my computer vulnerable to hacks (I do have quite a lot of computer knowledge... built this computer this last year and I'm very familiar with it), so those types of fixes are out of the question. Please help!
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