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  1. I've left Second Life for 2 months and have came back to change my avatars apperance and most of my object are not in their folders... I don't know how to refresh my inventory but I'd like to have all my hairs and everything back in order. Any ideas? Please and thank you.



  2. Does anyone else shop at Logo than me? This is my first time buying skins / shapes from here and I see the Blush, Lipstick, and the shadow but I don't see where you can buy the skin and shape or does it come with the eyeshadow and things? The whole thing is 2,499L but it comes with everything...  5 skins, 16 lipsticks, etc.. I don't want it all is there any other way of just buying the shape and just the skin that I want? anyone??

  3. So, you're saying the only person seeing the wrinkles would be me?

    No, that can't be right because I was with a friend looking at skin demos with her and you could see the wrinkles right underneath her cheeks like mine shown above....

  4. Yes, I've seen the both of use turtorials and yet am I still confused... I went to google to search of 'People' I could use for the template... I guess that's where I messed up, but they only really have the front face of the person when you use google, so I don't have the advantage to use the side burns as this turtorial does.. but thank you guys so much of how far you've gotten me so far, Smiles... I know I may be annoying the forums with questions but asking step by step as I reach that moment.

  5. HEAD.jpg


    This is my first attempt of a skin template... and I uploaded this template in world and I got a result that doesn't really look close to what I'm looking for...





    I only attempted the head template because I watched a turtorial on only that, and thats all I really need to know and the rest is like the same of the others... so just one step is enough, right? heh...


    Could someone please explain to me a step I missed or something?? I'm really looking forward to getting use to using gimp and the skin templates...


    Thank you .....   CINDY

  6. Hello, I'm looking for a place that gives out

    'How to creat skin' training... I've been search in places and events but can't seem to find someone or I'm looking in the wrong section :matte-motes-mad: Could anyone please point me out a link or a landmark that could lead me there, I'd very much appreciate it.


    -Thanks , Cindy


    (Cindywho183) - incase you need to send me landmark.

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