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  1. I guess my best bet is to carry over my edited hypergrid code and just have a home in a 'Private' region in opensim, and i can just travel right back to Secondf Life whenever... Better start coding then :matte-motes-big-grin-squint:
  2. So i'm better off going over to an opensim simulator, such as OsGrid? I heard they have free land spaces left... Even so, i'm not too enthusiastic about that... To be honest, the only reason i ask about this is because of the following post from the archives: "There used to be free apartments for new users. Are there still any around? I see one outfit saying it offers free apartments, a group called Trilegy . I'm surprised to find no mention of this in the forums. I see the old TigerTor free apartments mentioned but no longer available." (If anyone is interested, http://forums-archive.secondlife.com/327/14/277396/1.html )
  3. I have looked far and wide but I can't find anything that will provide me with any size of land for free. I don't really mind how many prims, but 40 or more would be ideal. I don't mind if it is something like an apartment, i just want somewhere to call my own. Thanks for listening to me, Kaos (No, that's not my real name :-P)
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