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  1. I'm gonna try to do this again. lol Took a break from it but I REALLY want to make dances for SL.
  2. Yes. Same place I always made them for years.
  3. No. It's a folder I use just for the parts I'm using for the outfits, not the actual outfit folder....
  4. I have tried with both SL viewer andFS viewer and it's the same thing. When I try to copy a copyable item to another folder other than the one the original is in, it makes a link instead of an object. It seems to have just started this, Any ideas? :(
  5. Actually found the root of the issue, when I load the VMD file into LiveAnimation, it messes up the motions. Is there any other way to convert VMD files to BVH?
  6. Okm new issue got me stumped. When I use the splitter, it seems to mess something up. It seems to cut some time off the begining of the first dance file.....any ideas?
  7. Fig! That worked perfect. Thank you! Buuuut, my joints bend backwards in SL when I upload the animations. Kinda creepy looking.
  8. I have a dance animation that is 222 seconds long. What is the best way to make it a few 60 seconds animations so I can upload it to SL? Thanks. :)
  9. :matte-motes-agape: Really? Wow! Glad you posted that on here. Maybe the tons of other 'copyrighted' avatars roaming around already might go into hiding now. Thank you for informing me on this. Much appreciated. :matte-motes-grin:
  10. Hey :) Just wondering if theres anyone out there that can make a Snow Fairy Sugar Avi for me from the Anime "A Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar"? I guess it would be a micro? Just search the web for plenty of pictures. Heres one so you get an idea. If you can make this, let me know and the cost. Thanks! :)
  11. I cant play any gesture sounds in one sim on SL. Everywhere else, they work. The animations work, just the sound won't. Any ideas? Thanks. Edit: I'm the only one who cant play gesture/sounds. Sorry if that wasnt clear. :) Edit 2: It's checked as group sound only, but I'm a member. Unjoined and rejoined and still no sound. Oh well. :P
  12. I keep getting kicked out of a sim and logged off. It only happens to me and it does it every few minutes. What gives? :smileysad: Little more info. ;) The computer I'm on his not wireless and the connection is fine. It's not a security thing or anything like that and it only happens in the one sim. It seems to happen if theres a lot of other avi's around, such as a dance club.
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