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  1. 1. Does that mean if i have a gesture /hello I can put '/hello' onto a dialog button and when i push it that will trigger my gesture? 2. I have seen many vendors selling gesture HUD's on MP - is that fake ones? Regards Irene
  2. Thank you all for assisting me. I will surely try to code it myself and do not fall over fainting when I return asking your help lol. Thanks again - i will try the llSensor approach.....
  3. Nova Convair wrote: Not possible. Maybe a hud that uses llCastRay and gets target info on mouseclick will work. Most probably mouselook is required for proper aiming. Or use llSensor to get nearby avatars and choose target from a menu. Click on world is not possible because a script can not obtain the position of your mousepointer. Then my only approach must be llSensor and a menu to choose avatar from. Now I might be too frank, forgive me, but are there any help to get? I have no idea on how to get this accomplished. Can anyone please help me out with the start? I might get the finetuning right myself but I do not know how to script this - I dont have the starting base to make this right. Maybe there is a simple solution that I dont know yet?
  4. Darkie Minotaur wrote: Do you mean by script= You can't script an ava. You can put a script in an attachement that say the key of the owner when touched using llGetOwner(). Do you mean through the menu that pops up un a right click? In Firestorm, if you open the Profile, the keyx is shown under the name. Well if you can get the key by right click -> profile? I might be out of it but isn't there any way of - how do I say this - get that key through programming? Or am I off and need another approach?
  5. Well the script shall be placed in an attached object worn by, lets say, me. And when I click on an Avatar in front of me the script should get the avatar's UUID. Then I can choose to send particles towards that avatar. Do I make any sence here?
  6. I'm stuck. I have tried to figure out how to obtain the UUID of an avatar when I click directly on the Avatar. Is it possible and if it is - please help me out here. I have no idea how to get this done right.
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