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  1. I recently bought a prefab house for my land and wanted to put my own pictures (textures) on the walls. I deleted the pictures that came with the house and dragged mine out of textures to the wall but it covered the whole wall. When I deleted the picture, it also deleted the wall. Guess the picture became the wall, So now I have a house with no wall. 1,) how to I hang pictures on walls of my house? 2.) where is the undo so I can  get back my wall?

  2. I have an account that I am using in a role playing situation and  want to remain in that area when I log off. If I create another account to explore other areas,  will that second account interfere with the first?. That is, if I log off (not transport) from my first account and transport around with my second account, when I log back in with my first account, am I still in the same place and in the same situation with that first account?

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