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  1. What are some easy ways to earn lindens fast? I don't like keeping up a schedule for a job.
  2. I put in all my information correctly but it isn't working! It says this: It also won't let me change my contact information. I currently have no state listed and it won't let me change it! Please help! Status: Sorry, your payment failed. Please try another payment method It also says this when I try and change my contact information: I need to edit my contact information because I don't have my state listed. We are unable to complete your request.Your new address did not validate properly; please contact support if this continues to happen to you.
  3. I had a prepaid card and it did the exact same thing. I went over it again and again but it still didn't work!
  4. I was wondering if prepaid visa or mastercards work on second life. I got one a few months ago and used it and it worked but the second time it didn't. I just want to make sure that they work before I buy one. Thanks~ Just now I read someone saying this on a Q&A "I put in all my credit card information, double, triple, quadruple check it... and for some mysetrious reasons I only get the "Attention! Please make sure that all your information is entered correctly before submitting your payment." message at the bottom end with no button whatsoever to actually send my new information. Help?" I had that exact same problem the second time I did it. I tried again and again and I know for sure I put in the EXACT and CORRECT information I needed to put in. It just kept doing that over and over again. Will this happen to me again?
  5. I have $L0 and I've been playing for over a year. I just want to even have a place to rez one of the houses I have in my inventory so I can say I'm not homeless. Is there any way of finding free land or finding a place that you can rez your house without it going to your lost and found? I have gotten $L before but its harder for me to get. I know you can get jobs but I don't always have the time. I was hoping to find a place I could atleast rez my house and have it stay there. I'd really appreciate the help, thanks!
  6. I am looking for a job that pays. I don't have any particular sl jobs in mind but I know I'm on a hunt for lindens. If you have a job spot available please let me know what it is, how much it pays, and what the times are. If I am interested I will let you know and we can discuss more in world.
  7. Ah, okay I think that must be it but I don't recall posting anything in March. Anyways I'll just carry on for now, thanks.
  8. I was recently posting something searching for a job. I looked at my post and it said "New Resident". I was wondering why it said that because I know very well I joined over a year ago. So then I clicked the "New Resident" and it said that I joined in March 2012. I know very well that I did not join then but I did very well quit playing then. I starting a few days ago started playing again. I did not register a new account in March I know very well. I did quit then. Would that have something to do with it? Please help me, thanks.
  9. RoxanneLoraine


    It says that I am a new member but I know very well that I have been playing on this account for over a year! Please help I have no idea why it is doing this. I didn't create a new account I have all of my items but it still says that I joined a few months ago.
  10. How much do you pay? I'm looking for a job with a fairly good pay. Doesn't have to be extreme.
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