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  1. Ths scale works perfectly, so I don't need to reload the mesh, thx a lot !!
  2. Thx for this confirmation, try to minimize it ! Best regards
  3. Thx for your answer, I will try to scale it in Sl ! Best regards :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  4. Hello, I ask this, but Im' afraid about the answer, I uploaded my mesh inworld, but I realize I made a mistake on my uvmap (don't realize it in the beta grid :-() so, may be we can modifiy the Uv map of a mesh after upload ? Or I have to modify in blender then upload agin with the new uvmap (I guess this is the only solution, but in case of ... ) Thx alot
  5. Thx for your answer, but I try to unwrap and unwrap again, it's ok about that. In Blender, it looks pretty fine I guess :
  6. Wonderful, that's work ! Thx a lot and sorry finaly for this ("stupid") question.
  7. Hello, I don't if it's possible, but I try to join a rigged mesh I made with a simple cube (for a demo version for example) ... I can't join the two objects ... Someone did it ? I know I can make my mesh with a cube over my head, but I have to upload again the 5 mesh ..
  8. Hello, I made a mesh, then I texturised it, I want to make some square for a checked trouser final result. The problem is when I move, my square are stretched (only in one part near the hand) ... and I don't know how to fix that ! I try with the rigg .. but don't fix it .... I post a picture, more clear than my awful english (sorry for that).
  9. Fixed !! In object mode I made ctrl + A --> rotate and scale then the orientation of my trouser is good and when I upload in sl, the light on it is good ! Thx for the friendinvite and for the help :-)
  10. Oh, thx for the managing of this sandbox, I like it ;-) To answer at your question, the belt and the trouser are not connected, I made the trouser, then the rope then I join the two with ctrl + J in Blender ... So I guess, it exists some breaks !
  11. Of course, it's better with pictures, sorry for that. Here they are : As you can when I upload the mesh is not in the correct orientation, and as you see in the txo first pictures, the shadow are not the same between the shirt and the pant.
  12. Hello, that is a strange things which happens, I try to explain : 1. I made a trouser, try to fit as well to the avatar, and rigged it. When I click on it in object mode, the three axes are well oriented. All seems normal. I precise, I don't use solidify. 2. I import it in Sl, without rigg, no pb, the mesh is visible and ready to texturize. 3. I import it in Sl, with rigg, and amazing, the mesh is not visible, I have to flip all the normals, and the export it in collada again ... But the pb now is when I see it in the light the shadow aren't in the good orientation ... That make me crasy and i don't why, and how to fix that !!
  13. To be honest, I was lost after the second sentence :matte-motes-silly: As the level is high and my english not excellent, i had big difficults to tranlate it. But I don't give up and I'm sure, one day this discuss will be very helpful ! Big thx again for your help and your kindness.
  14. Oh my god ! So talented ! Great thx for this discussion, I'm not at this level, but it's very kind to share your knowledge :matte-motes-smile:
  15. A great thx for all thoses answers ... 30 K tri is very too much and now I realize it ! I have to reduce it ... and it's better for the $, the more you upload, the moer you pay ! Thx for the links, and the advise. But now, I have an another question, just curiosity, if you want to do a complex mesh, more than 21k tris, how do you texturize it ? I read the limit is about 66 K tris, but if you have a limit with the texture ??
  16. Excellent tips, and this is exactly "limited dissolve" whiwh I have to do .... I "understand" a great thing, and now, I will watch carefuly about this Thx again for this very helpful answer : I reduce and dissolve some loop edge, and no more black squares .... :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  17. Firstable, thx for your quick answers ... Secondly, for : 1. "That sounds a bit like what happens when some faces are unmapped - random mapping, often from one texture pixel. I think it's due to the use of uninitialised data where map data is missing. Turn on face select mode, deselect everything, turn on synchronied selection and select all in the UV window. Are all the faces in the 3D view selected? Also, apply a test vtexture by loading it in the UV edit window while the whole mesh is selected, choose disply - textured solid on the right of the 3D view and check that everything is textured as it should be." I check this point all is alright, so this is not this problem ... 2. "There is a part of the source code that starts a new "hidden" material (but with the same name) when the triangle count for one material exceeds 21844. When you check "select faces" and apply a colour (and I assume texture - I didn't test that), it gets applied to only the "hidden" material, leaving others unchanged. You have to select the unchanged bits and apply it there too. Strangely, if you keep applying new colours, it eventually starts affecting the whole area (I don't understand that on. Probably something to do with the same niming.) If this is your problem, then that should be the solution. The test meshes I investigated this with were all triangulated and the aberrant colors were triangular. If you are uploading quads, that may explain the difference. The amount of dark patches seems abou right with the triangle count you have given. On the other hand, I would suggest that 30k triangles is very excessive for this item. There is no LI-like penalty for attached mesh, but it still affects the fps by giving the gpu too much work, especially for the wearer who sees the highest LOD all the time, but also for everyone else with possibly less powerful graphics cards. The simplest solution would be to simplify the mesh. Halving would take it below the 21844, but I would suggest being more drastic. Use smooth shading, not high poly density, foe smoothness." The english is not my first language (sorry for my expression) so I have to translate first but may be the solution is here. I use the decimate modifier on my mesh to make a mesh with less than 20 000 triangles and first upload, it looks nice. No square ! Unfortunately, the decimate makes a mesh very awful ... So I have to check a solution .... Thx for all
  18. Thx for the answer .... I use Blender, and the different "black squares" appears randomly with different upload in Second life. The texture on the pocket is different cause I use multi-texture, so 2 differents uv map. My mesh has 30055 (I have a belt in rope) so what is the problem with that ?
  19. Hello, here is my problem, I made a trouser, rigged it, as good as possible I hope, then, mark seam and edit uv map. After this work, I realized the others 4 sizes (Xs, S, ...). For that I copied my first mesh with shift+D, then modified it for a perfect (I hope) fit with the others sizes. So when I export in collada, then upload in Second life, then texturing it, I have those black square which appears ... I don't know why I have that !! My mormals are goods, so I suppose it's the uv map ? I don't bake the texture, cause I want to realize some differents pants with this mesh .... Is anybody ahve an idea ? Thx
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