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  1. once yesterday and once today I did not bake.. but I noticed it was a very laggy log in.. I think due to my connection. I was unable to do a rebake or texture refresh to bake.. appearance baked me but as soon as I left edit appearance mode I was gray again.. a relog and all was well fresh and toasty ;p Will continue to keep you updated!! Thanks again for working on this!! It is great to enjoy Sl again
  2. I am warm and toatsy fresh out of the oven baked as are all my friends!!! YAY!! it seems to be working wonderfully!! Will update if I have any problems with the FS beta update!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!
  3. laughs... Ok.. remember I am not technical at all (well maybe some but not enough) anyhow... is this someting that we will need to download an update for on our end? I've been gray for days now unless I log in with my phone.. so much so that I finallly broke down and contacted Verizon talked to a tier 2 tech person (what ever that means) and he checked out ther "provisions" (what ever they are) and all are set correctly and I shouldn't be having any problem... well according to him. I would love to be able to see again (without using my limited data causing overages).. it is horrible having a sim full of gray alien avi!!!
  4. I don't think it is the devices... I downloaded wireshark and was going to capture for you and realized I had baked avi.. had to double check to make sure I hadn't accidently connected with one of my working devices... nope, was my mifi2200 that I had been gray with for weeks.... was baked every time I logged in for over 24 hours. I had to rest my cellular conenctoin.. gray again.. took a chance and reset it again and baked again..and for a very long period of time.. took it with me to work on Friday night.. again baked avi... had to reboot due to a crash and gray avi... reset my cellular connection 4 or 5 times.. and finally baked avi again. I"m not sure why it is working.. I don't like to have to relog that many times .. my friends start tossing me superglue and ankle weights!! lol I'm sure you may recall I had reconnected several times way back in the beginning of this and was gray, I had tried using it wirelssly, through a router, teathered to my laptop, I had reset it several tiems before. I have NO idea why it is working now, but I do love being able to see!!!! Next time I end up all gray again I can run a wireshark capture for you. AND.. Just now.. very perplexingly my connection that ALWAYS has me baked.. just logged me in as all gray, nothing to fix it... ugh!! so I did a dis/re connect.. and poof all baked again...
  5. If you need it (and I can figure it out... lol) I am willing to do what I can to help.
  6. I will defer to Monty about the amount of bandwidth needed now verse before... and about what the issue is... but just for "**bleep**s an giggles" I did do a speed test on ONE of my 3g connections that DOES work and is way lower then my one that is no longer working now that SSA has taken effect. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2971322866.png as far as knowing you.... you are correct I don't... *snickers* is such a shame too because I have a feeling we would be best friends, as I can only imagine what you grow in your back yard. Secondly I did not say I was a farmer, but I own farm land... yes, there is a difference. And pissing vegetables? I have a feeling that'd hurt, and don't plan on doing it any time soon
  7. and I'm not going to post my speed test, Monty doesn't seem to think that is the issue... so it shouldn't be for you either.. really is none of your business... and those "farmers" at your "farmers market" ask them how many of them have cable running past their hosue or DSL? see.. without them, you woudln't be eating....
  8. well in "the real world" not everyone has cables running past their house... not everyone has DSL available... and I tell you what.. I LIKE my real world.... but I also like my SL to work properly like it did before the whole SSA. If it wasn't for us who live in the country and have farms, you "city folk' wouldn't have much to eat now would you? no farms, no farm land.. *shrugs* and BTW the problem I am having is not logging on with my cell phone, but with my Cellular MODEM.... get your facts straight
  9. i get the same speeds with my usb stick (3g) my cell phone (3gmode) and my mifi2200 (3g) I have connected with the 3g mifi2200 for the past 4 years and have never had a problem with items rezzing until the SSA too effect, and now the ONLY thing that is not rezzing are the avatars... again since the SSA was implimented. I doubt that speed is the cause of the problem. oh and I ONLY have issued with ONE of the connections (unfortunately my main connection)...... not all 3
  10. Thank you Monty!! I submitted 3 different reports, 3 different avi,3 different outfits, 3 different viewrs and 3 different ways to connect the wirless connection, here's hoping!!!
  11. shakes my head.... I have to agree with Weetolow... I was planning on purchaing another 10-15,000linden today to pay rent and purchase a few new items for my land, but with everyone looking gray, I'm not sure what the point is!! I've already purchased many linden over my time in SL and am getting to the point that my data usage is rediculous the only way I can connect!! I've gone way over my data plan becasuse everyone is gray with my unlimited. I have NO OTHER WAY to connect other then my cellular connection. I do not have cables going by my house.. nothing!! no dsl it is THE ONLY WAY! I have in my posession an extra mifi2200 I would be williing to send if you can get it connected to verizon and then you could duplicate the problem. It makes no sense.. I can connect with my tablet using an app and get better results, everyone baked, but using the SL viewer no one bakes.. I know I had 3 whole hours one day where everyone was baked.. OMG when you consider how much time I am logged into SL that is NOTHING! it was once.. a fluke.. I've not been able to duplicate it since. I can how ever (and this makes no sense to me.. a non technical person) go into edit shape mode.. be baked.. then while in edit shape mode tp and stil be baked and not in the edit shape stance.. I can walk and move.. I am still baked as long as the window is open (even minimized) so I can see me baked, but everyone else is still gray.. *sighs* if I could afford to log in with my cell phone all the time, I would do it.. but I can't. if I could get a better signal with the vigin moble2go I would use that.. but it comes down to the only connection I can use without paying an arm and a leg is not working for me. It all has to do with the changes you made, and it seems since you can no duplicate it you are not doing anything to try and fix it.. I'm at a loss.. I would hate to leave SL, but I can't afford to continue to pay overages on my data to make it any fun.. gray people just are not fun... I'd rather have a few fuzzy ones at a club the all gray ones everywhere... I mean alone on my island I should be able to see me and a friend without any problem... hell fly to my house, I'll duplicate the problem for you on ever computer we own..
  12. Oh no...... the gray people are back.... baking isnt' working again
  13. I see baked people!!! Not sure what you did on your end, but my mifi2200 is working!! YAY!!!!!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
  14. Hi Monty, One thing I discovered this weekend is that I can connect withthe MiFi2200 using my tablet and Lumiya 3-d viewer and have everyone in color. I'm not sure if that will help you at all or not? Also the mobile2go device.. I don't have a very good connection at the moment with it.. but after I posted it works, I am seeing only half baked people.. bottom half, or top half.. faces mising or entire heads gray... I am not sure if that is a baking issue or beause of bad connection problems. I wanted to try and get it to a better signal area to see if they rezzed fully. Elyse
  15. I'm in Michigan zipcode is 48861 what is not working: mifi2200 3g device (novatel) Verizon (tethered via usb, wirelessly, and through wireless router) FIvespot 3g device not sure who makes it... again Verizon (teathered via usb and wirelessly) what IS working broadband2go usb stick model mc760 3g device (novatel) Virgin Mobile (direct to usb) Motorola Razr 3g and 4g using foxfi as the wirless connection Verizon (wireless connection) I've tried using both the SL viewer and Firestorm. If there is any more information I can help you with please let me know!! I have no idea what the 3g speeds are...
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