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  1. Just about mesh content. It's hard to imagine Second Life not to do this step if it's supposed to attract new people.
  2. Thank you for answer. I'm on Mac Mountain Lion but also on PC and I have this issue on both. I tried character test - seems like it did nearly nothing (looks like helps on PC, but not every time and only to first change of alpha). It happens also when I change skin and even when I change shape after character test.
  3. For a few days, maybe longer I experience alpha issue: when I wear alpha layer for mesh clothing whole body appeared transparent instead of this clothing part only. I checked it for many items/alphas and on two SL viewers - in all cases it was the same.
  4. Tulip (more casual then TSH) - maybe you find sth for yourself.
  5. Thank you all for replies! Of course we have palette of tastes, my is a bit hungry one For me doasn't matter store is big or small, i like if has some own character. About deco's: filled 'warehouses' are the same what empty ones - they has no visual idea. Marketplace was already when i log in first and for me this is good way to get something quick (vendors pictures can give a more info thro), in other case i like to wander a bit in world. I'm aware about costs, but maybe some idea investment would be usefull to keep inworld movement.
  6. no technical issues. i see higly detailed textures, all realictic. but i think those stores have no style (some of them like i wrote) just have biger aesthetic expectations. nevermind, like i said maybe it' s only me
  7. Thank you for quick reply, but i see content properly (i believe ). By grey boxes i mean buildings. And i mean some of really big designers.
  8. Is this only me or most of big designers of sl have such... ugly places (stores). Mostly giant, grey boxes, miles of boring space with (so with surroundings). It's not nice experience. Great, they put energy in creating their products, but...it's such dissonance.
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