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  1. Thank's So Very Much, Awesome Explicaion
  2. Hello everyone, I am DJ in Second Life to 9 years, however have a following doubts: Recently I received a news informing one DMCA law (Law of the Digital Millennium Copyright) is a law of the United States on copyright, which criminalizes not only the offense itself, but also the production and distribution technology that avoids the security measures to copyright. In addition, it increases the penalties for copyright infringement committed via the Internet. Approved on October 12, 1998 unanimously by the Senate and signed by President Bill Clinton on October 28, 1998, the DMCA amended US legislation to expand the scope of copyright at the same time limited liability of online service providers for copyright infringements committed by its users. then my question is: We djs can show titles (ID3Tags) in our Streaming when we're playing, or not? thank you all
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