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  1. Yup, I've waited past the 24 hour mark and it's still doing it... Not really sure what to do next.
  2. That's not the problem. Our problem is that we've updated our inventories, but anything new in our inventory won't rez into the beta grid. For instance, I had Object 1 in my inventory before I updated my inventory, and wanted Object 2 inside the Beta Grid. So I indeed update.. and now can see Object 2 in my Beta Grid inventory. But when I click and drag it to rez it within the world, it doesn't rez. Object 1 rezzes just fine, but not Object 2. I tried two different viewers. One gave me an Asset Server error and the other simply gave me a red crossed-out circle symbol where my cursor was. And to add; this has not happened before. I've updated my inventory quite a few times a few months ago, and everything worked fine.
  3. Has anyone looked into this? I also currently having this exact problem as well in Aditi. Any help would be appreciated.
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