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  1. Thank you for getting back to me, that bug entry was written by my building partner yesterday as we both have the same issue. We even tried this with an alt and same problem. Last night he rezzed out a copy/mod contents of flowers I rezzed out Full Perm space textures when we both checked them my box of space textures had changed over to his mod/copy box of flowers! So we are totally confused. I am just so amazined that no one else has repeorted this problem. Today I have written to the Lindens direct to see if they have any answers. Thank you again for replying. Sweetie Snowpaws
  2. Is anyone experiencing issues with permissions? When changing permissions on one item in contents of a box all the other box contents change nearby. This started yesterday and to begin with I thought it was just me but my building partner also has the same issue too. We have tried asking in groups and also have changed locations. I give you an example of what I mean I rez out 1 full permissions space textures in a boxed contents and check that they are this first. Then I take another box out of flowers that are set set to copy/mod but when I check the permissions they have changed to full perms ! I have tried this with both boxes in reverse! So any ideas would be great as we both sell on MP and this is becoming frustrating.
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