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  1. Hi there, the latest mesh bodies appliers offer more settings such as for the textures normal keys, specular keys, the specular color etc. First I would like to ask if they are really useful for clothing appliers and second (and if YES is the answer to the first) are there any good tutorials specially for sl appliers and not general ones? Im really struggling to make it work. Thank you PS theres is also the glosiness setting but when I set a value, it doesnt only applies on the cloth but on the naked body parts also, how one can limit that to the cloth only?
  2. Ha, thats crazy! Placing the pose ball some meters away, makes the problem appear again! OMG!
  3. Well, seems the problem was the scripts and not the animations' settings. Accindentally I found one that stops that unwanted movement. Thank you all for your help!
  4. 5 more are enough? Also, there are 2 ins in the upload window, which one should I change?
  5. Thank you... soooo the solutions is...?
  6. Hello Dora, thank you for your tip. Im trying that code but it says there is an error at 0,34 (Syntax error)
  7. Yeah, thanks for your time, I appreciate it
  8. Hello, before sitting on that prim I deactivate an ao I wear. And yes, it does a sloooooowww circle move (the body part above waist) and then stops in a position like it was broken after an accident lol
  9. Hello, I created a 2 frame standing pose (1st frame T-pose-2nd frame my pose) with qavimator and I exported it as .bvh. I wanted to use that pose when someone sits on a prim. Now, when I run it in world as a standalone animation, it does exactly what I want, but when I use it through a prim, something weird happens. Below my waist the pose is right but above things are like a weak tree being hit by wind lol the body does slow circles. Whats worng with it? Thank you!!!
  10. No worries hun. I will wait, someone will explain me.
  11. Thank you so much. Im going to see if there is any info there. Hopefully not a copy of the nc included in the breasts folder!
  12. Hello, Im searching everywhere but I cant find a help about how to create an applier for prim breasts. Specifically I need one for muse. Unfortunatelly, and this is my personal opinion, the creator doesnt include much information about it, or maybe its me something I missing. The problem is I dont know where to start from. So please somebody point me to somewhere where I will get the A-Z workflow. Thank you very much!
  13. By saying "I cant find her", I mean I have already im and nc her
  14. Actually, I started with AB, very simple to configure, does exactly what I need, veeery cheap, the creator tried to help me but I stopped asking him more cause there was a flaw on images. I couldnt place the product texture exactly as it should be. Was showing a bit distorted. And that was the only reason I abandoned it. As for Bright, I never used them but I see they dont support buy as gift option I really need that Thank you anyway for your response and help!
  15. I bought MoSystems vendors but I find it very hard to make them work. Anyone out there using them and willing to help me? Thank you very much!
  16. Im impressed... PS Seems when you make a mistake you never say "im sorry". But why the hell should you ask for sorry for.... nothing!
  17. No need to reclaim anything, even the difference for the rest 12 hours. Like I said, if I have to deal with programmed robots, I better dont do deals with them, if they consider their selves humans, they should be more open minded instead of giving a premade answer!
  18. When I contacted the owner: [2012/07/04 04:26] TransPleasure Resident: Why you kicked me out??? 20 minutes ago I got this: [2012/07/05 08:45] "Owner": cause you didn t payed the rent, ignoring the remindings, also, the land was completely empty so i had to reasons to wait of the reopening of the land After I respond back and explained him what happened, still no answer. But enough with protecting their company. Im very mad with that answer. Wth, are they robots??? I have my previous landlord as a witness, I had a club for 4 months, I was every week on my time, never been late even for a second. If I wont have a better answer by tomorrow, I will mention their company name.
  19. Some time ago when I first decided to start creating mesh things, I didnt know anything about sculpts and basic clothing design. I jumped straight to it so I followed hundreds of video or text tutorials. Unfortunatelly, like I previous said, I was able to keep in mind about 10% of them because I cant understand what they are saying ... my english issue I said
  20. I folded it like you said but it was still one sided. On the other hand, if I ll start to mess with mesh, it will take me at least one month. Im new into designing and even new with sculpted prims. I cant jump straight to mesh, am I right?
  21. Ok I think I will never make it work. Its been 2 weeks since I created my outfit and all that time Im trying to have ready that little piece with no success. Its not worthing all that time. Anyone can point me to a shop who sells prims like that? I really want to thank you all for your great help and time. But I have the feeling its going to take at least 2 weeks more to have it finished!
  22. That one is what I want to fix. Do you think there is a hope with one of your solutions? The truth is I started to try folding it but it seems the bottom side will never be the same with the top.
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