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  1. When I cleaned my cache and re logged to wait for everything to load, the first thing i get is a page of script then the viewer opens and the script is still running. I thought it was done and logged out and re logged and it started again? What is it? Its been going for over an hour now. Help please:womanmad:
  2. DebDebz

    Dumb Question

    TY so much!!! I paid 5030 L$ for it posted it for 5500. So I took your suggestion and went and lowered it to 4000$ L$ and 10 minutes later I got tha pop up saying so and so bought and "BANG" there's my money!!!!!! Awesome , your awesome thank you
  3. DebDebz

    Dumb Question

    Thanks Its a big parcel. I cant do anything with it its to undeveloped. Rather lose the L$ than pay real money to hold on to something I cant work with. Besides that someone behind me is building something revolting as OMG!!! I cant handle it. Thank for responding
  4. DebDebz

    Dumb Question

    I recently purchased a mainland parcel (additional from my free one). I don't like it. If I abandon it will I receive any of my L$ back or will I have to just eat that and chalk it up as a learning experience? Thanks in advance.
  5. DebDebz

    Selling Mainland

    I purchased a Mainland parcel and now I don't want it. I hit the put up for sale button and when Is on sale. How do I keep track of this and how do I auction it?
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