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  1. Im from the United States, and need a place to purchase Lindens. For whatever insane reason, SL isn't accepting my Visa Card. I've used a prepaid Visa card for online transactions, but Linden doesn't seem to accept these. Does anyone know a reputable Linden dealer that will quickly send the Lnidens, because my tier is do and unless I get this resolved quick my property will be lost. Paypal isn't an option. Just need someone who accepts Visa and gets the Lindens out right away.
  2. Perhaps I worded my question poorly. Getting the MLPV2 isn't so much the problem, its loading animations don't come in those "drop in" boxes. To my understanding the drop in boxes have notecards and other informations rather than just the animations. I'm probably best served my trying it and experimenting a little. Just wasnt sure if I needed the notecards and other information in order to make it work.
  3. I am looking to load some animations to a mlpv2 hud (if thats the correct term) Saw a video on youtube, and it looks fairly straight foreward, but that is for animation "drop it" boxes, which evidently come with notecard and something else to set up positions and all. These are individual animations (couples aniimations, but not in a "drop in pack. I wouldnt have the note card thing that might be needed to set things up. Is this something I can get elsewhere? Any advice would be helpful as Im fairly new to this.
  4. Like most people, I am on a budget. I am addicted to SL, and just bought a new computer (Quad Core AMD processor, 6 GB of RAM HP Pavilion. It doesn't have a video card, I believe using some form of Radeon on board graphics. I am planning on upgrading to a video card, but would liike a recommendation of a nice card to run SL on, but something thats not going to cost more than the computer itself. In short, a balance of price and performance. Any suggestions on how I can get the best bang for my buck. BTW, almost exclusively for SL. I dont do any other online games, though have been playing around on the creative end--experimenting with Daz studio and photoshop, so perhaps a nice videocard will benefit these endeavors as well.
  5. I normally use my desktop for working with fraps. I hit the cntr, alt and f1 key to get rid of stuff on screen (ims, messages, etc) and it works fine. I recently installed it in my laptop, but for some reason when I hit these buttons there nothing happens. Any suggestions how to get rid of the icons on a laptop?
  6. I has Poser (9 I believe) and am going to try my hand at animating very soon. Was wondering which would be the better animation software, poser, Daz or Qanimatior? Secondly, I know the SL avatars have clothing files, is it important to use clothes when making animations? I imagine the whole clothing thing wouldn't really matter, since my avatar has clothes already in SL. Wouldn't that just slow down things in creating the animations? Again, I'm new so hopefully not too ridiculous of a question.
  7. Those sound like good options. I did a search for them, but couldn't get much info. Any tutorials or information on the avisitter or the other one?
  8. I am looking to build an arena for pro wrestling shows. Ideally I'd like to make something that uses a huge amount of prims. I am currently using a pre made arena from the marketplace, but its focus is MMA and not pro wrestling, and its a bit of a prim hog--using 600. Anyone up for the project please message me here or IM me in world. Thanks
  9. I have a little knowledge about creating poses/animations using poser. I've seen many pose balls with multiple animation options, just wondering if there is a tutorial on how people can go about creating something like this. I was hoping to make some animations and load them into a pose ball, allowing users to just click the poseball and select which animation they want to use. Anyone know of a tutorial for this or where I could get some info on how its all done?
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