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  1. Quick update. Seems like the issue has been resolved, (not sure if it's for all or not), but managed to log in without too many hiccups. Thanks for the help and reports too everybody.
  2. Just tried myself, still nothing. Tried also connecting to that region, but was unsuccessful. I'll be back waiting, although, I would like to ask to anyone who's able to log on the website, if he/she could report the issue to the LL, given that those affected by the problem like myself, might not be able to open a ticket.
  3. It seems to be a region related issue. I'm having the same issue, for hours now (from Europe), and it seems I can't access neither to the website nor into the viewer (be it Firestorm or SL viewer). Have a friend from Australia who had the same issue as well, while others from the US, could log in without problems. Was gonna open a ticket, since in the grid status it seems everything is working fine, but, being unable to open anything SL related except for the forums, gives me little options to choose from. I guess at this point the last thing to do is to wait and see.
  4. LoneSin

    i cant log in

    Been reading that it could be related to the unscheduled maintenance that's happening now. Not 100% sure, but guess it's best to wait and try again later, maybe.
  5. Same here. Couldn't detach my hud, so decided to relog and couldn't log back in since. I would hazard saying it could be related to the unscheduled maintenance that's undergoing now, but I'm not 100% sure of it. Probably it's best to just wait and see. Regards, Shane
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