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  1. I have not touched a thing on my viewer (Phoenix Viewer 1.5.2) and cannot upgrade to the newest one because it will not even start on my computer. Anyway, I would like to know why people cannot see my avatar but see me as a green whisp? Your help is greatly appreciated and your knowledge goes even farther =)
  2. Hello, I bought this in game and the customer support in game for this item was very rude to me about it and said they would NOT send me a new item even tho the thing is broken and never worked from the start. It Wouldnt turn on and the instruction booklet is very poor for a user like myself and I cannot barely understand even in the slightest how to set it up and the Meli lady that is the customer support said you are basically SOL on your item not working and will just have to buy a new one.... 1) The channel buttons do not appear as stated. 2) When rezing the TV it comes in pieces that half don't even work 3) took alone 5 days to contact this Lady to get even the slightest bit of help 4) Poor customer satisfaction and failed attempt to please the customer. I may I consult with Secondlife support on either getting a new one of getting my Lindens back? Anyones Help is greatly appreciated!!!
  3. So I understand you must put the URL into the audio tab in the about land menu BUT I am not geting the play music button to engage so I can listen to it. Any suggestions hints or tips are very much appreciated!!!!!!
  4. I just recently bought a port for radio broadcasting and I need to know if this is a correct address or if it needs to be switched around? port 8040 @ Raon 58, 224, 53 What does this mean? this is what I got in the note and I have no clue how it should be set up. I guess my initial question is does it need to be in address form? like 58.224.53:8040 Like so? ' This supposidly goes into the land parcel so that I can stream the music I host and I don't know how to set up the address and the port. ALL HELP IS APPRECIATED!!!
  5. I unpacked the Textures earlier from one person and had to have them resend it because it didn't work proporly. Second time I went to buy 1 single item of textures for glass... Those don't show up either in my Texture menu. They are very we there but dont show up in the texture menu for when I go to change the texture of a creation. I'm not really sure what's going on but I'd like to fix it. To add, the second purchase I made was from a different person and yes they are boxed. I've been having issues like this for a few days now after buying items from the marketplace or in SL. If anyone knows what the problem could be, Please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated!!!
  6. I purchased "Luskwood Crimson / Red Kellashee Avatar - Male - Complete Furry Avatar" over a half an hour ago and I still haven't seen it in my inventory. My connection is good, and the person next to me bought some stuff on the marketplace and they got their stuff instantly. Is this a problem with this item?
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