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  1. Ok guys let me make it clear. so I am not getting bashed here. I am a nurse in RL. and 7 years ago when I joined SL. I seen a need for someone that would rp realistically Yes there are now a ton of clinics/ hospitals but not many of us " old timers" left, So Yes I do charge to rp as most of the medical practices do. I am not trying to get my name out there. I have had no issues till NOW with anything or any way I have ran things here in SL. I enjoy what I do because I had to retire from what I do in the real world because of my real health issues. However I did see a need to blog about this apparently she has more alts then I care to count, { So they will each be banned, muted and blocked.} But I wanted to hear what everyone else had to say, I see everyone else blogging complaints from boyfriend troubles to issues in the LGBTQ community and even political issues. So why cant I discuss a issue with a troll? I wanted to see if other rp medical staff that read the blogs here had the same issue. and lets make this clear it has nothing to do with not getting paid or getting paid. * Yes in the SL book it is listed that being a rp medical provider is a way to make money. * Yes there are pro's and con's to doing anything in world that you receive Linden as a form of payment. especially family medical care{ Roleplay care}
  2. Wont be mentioning the names, But beware, had a woman come in for medical rp care, and she was very rude. was with another patient, and she came into patient care room nude. Sent this person home. she came back, She wanted FREE medical rp care. and I explained that everyone pays something for the rp care, and depending on what they wanted to rp the fee goes up. Well she refused to pay the fee. She was asked to leave, and I eventually banned her from my sim. Now every day for the past 4 days she has had so far 9 alts come and harass me at the sim and its increasingly gotten worse. I have filed reports to Linden Labs, and I just felt that I needed to blog about this as well as the fact that she said she was blogging and going to " tell everyone" on how because there is a fee for rp services that I am a scam artist. Mind you She has not paid one LINDEN! Just a word to fellow medical staff from other medical practices, be aware! want more information contact me inworld Dawn
  3. Heartstone Community Hospital is OUT of business Its now under its original name. New Beginnings Birthing & Medical Center. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monkey%20Island/52/191/21
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