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  1. That depends on how you interpret the word chance.. chance is not just using a random number to decide.

    Everything you do, chance through unknown variables could  affect the outcome.

    Continuing on the earlier examples of car racing in SL, although it is not "implemented via a (single) inworld object", i feel it would still fall under the skill gaming rules, if pay in and pay out are permited.

    Spectators betting on which driver will win, is gambling and not allowed.

    Drivers paying an entry fee to a race with a L$ prize, use their RL skill to control their car better than the other competitors to win the prize. So this should be sufficent to pass as skill gaming..

    However, as pointed out by Yingzi Xue, in my last post i stated "completely dependant on skill, extremely little to no chance  involved in the result of the game", although the outcome of the race is dependant on your skill as a driver, there are still factors involved outside of your control. There is a chance another driver may be more skilled than you, there is a chance the SL lag monster will freeze you up for 10 seconds, there is a chance your internet connection may drop mid race. Each of these will effect the outcome of the race.

    So is any game possible that has absolutely zero element of chance to it in any form.. i dont think so.

  2. i wonder if anyone else has figured it out yet.. i still see no approved games.

    Over the weekend i figured out exactly how to make No-Devil, Zyngo etc.. and many other games completely dependant on skill, extremely little to no chance  involved in the result of the game, while giving the operators a fixed % profit with no risk.

    Unfortunately for LL and the gaming community i have absolutely no interest in going through this legal BS to create/own skill games in what is a fast dying world, with LL recent actions only likely to speed this up.

    Also there is no practical way for me to sell the idea on. i would just get ripped off...

    Now i write this, i think, why am i even posting this. LOL



  3. Im really glad to see LL finally take action on the illegal gambling that has been in SL for the last years.

    99% of the games on offer in SL are GAMBLING, minimal skill invovled if any at all. This should have stopped years ago.

    I just laugh reading this thread... operators so concerned with getting their licences.. do you really think there is any games currently in SL that a competant lawyer is going to give a reasoned legal opinion to say that the game in question is skill based, with only a very minimal element of chance to it?.. are they F**k.

    I personally am looking forward to 1st Aug.. got my list of games to go out AR'ing.. yes sad i know lol

    Fishing games... 7 seas, Go Fishin, Fish Hunt... Pay bait entry, press auto cast, chance of win. no skill

    Breedable Pets, paid food entry, very minimal skill in pairing pets.. gives offspring with potential L$ value.

    and of course every  sploder and no devil style machine i can find..


  4. integer max = 3;integer count = 0;default{   on_rez(integer param)   {      count++;      if (count == max){        llOwnerSay("blah has 0 uses left & will delete");        llDie();      } else {        integer remaining = max - count;        llOwnerSay("blah has " + remaining + " uses left");      }   }}


  5. there is an example in the wiki.. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetAlpha

    float cloakSpeed = 0.1;default{    touch_end(integer total_number)    {        float alpha = 1.0;        while(alpha > 0.0)        {            alpha -= 0.1;            llSetAlpha(alpha, ALL_SIDES);            llSleep(cloakSpeed);        }        state cloaked;    }} state cloaked{    touch_end(integer total_number)    {        float alpha;        while (alpha < 1.0)        {            alpha += 0.1;            llSetAlpha(alpha, ALL_SIDES);            llSleep(cloakSpeed);        }        state default;    }


  6. Ive seen a couple of threads like this recently, tonight my virus checker (mcaffee) quaranteed a virus in the SL texture cache too.

    Virus name: VPP.728

    I was just out exploring SL, looking around a new place ive never been before then a virus alert pops up..

    ETA: i found the texture UUID in the quarantined folder..


    i also just ive got a couple more of these from end of last year


    Anyone else want to check it out, here is th SLURL


    go down to the water and there is a platform with a big fire on it, last things i saw was the fire and the 2 arcade games before i got the alert

  7. need to use else if

    also far to many { in there

    default{    state_entry()    {        llListen( 10, "", NULL_KEY, "" );     }    listen( integer channel, string name, key id, string message )    {        if ( message == "open sesame" )        {            llWhisper( 0, "Welcome, sesame!" );                   }        else if ( message == "open" )        {            llWhisper( 0, "Welcome, open!" );               }        else if ( message == "open3" )        {            llWhisper( 0, "Welcome, open3!" );                   }                                else        {            llWhisper( 0, "That's not the magic word." );                  }    }}


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