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  1. sorry, a lot going on yesterday. the building i live in was hit by lightening. it fried my computer... they fixed it they did not replace it. i will check that link out but i have to admit i am on the cusp of giving up. thanks for all the help!!!
  2. my building was hit on fire and my lap top was fried. i sent it back to toronto canda to be fixed. i lost everything. other then that i have just been trying to get things back up.
  3. it is an acer laptop model: aspire 5552 3.74 gigs useable 64 bit i believe its an amd graphics card. just updated.
  4. ppl keep telling me the same things. i have done a clean install my comp. is just over a year old and has a lot of room on it. its not hte computer. i have tried a lot of 3rd party viewers they do the same thing. by great i mean it didn't lag much and it worked great.
  5. yeah i was running it just fine. everything worked great! i have tried a number of 3rd party viewers, the beta and the seondlife viewer that is at top for download. i can install it but when i try to run no matter what viewer it just doesn't respond.
  6. i tried the phenoex viewer but that would not run either. i am stumped.
  7. it is an acer laptop model: aspire 5552 3.74 gigs useable 64 bit nothing happens. the game will install but will not run. not even open. i could not open the crash log file or i would have posted it. even that said it was waiting on sever 1 but then wasn't responding. that is really all the info i have. everything within the last week has been updated inc. graphics card. the game will stop loading at vhs.. i think that's what it says, a bit dyslexic but im sure is vhs... wait that is a movie player.. it just won't load the game and i can have it sit there for 1/2 hour trying to load up but refuses and i have to close it all down.
  8. ok. i have tried a few different viewers and can not get the game to even start up. i just don't know what to do anymore. so confused as to what the problem is. i even put the old version i downloaded a long time ago onto a memory stick then onto my computer to see if i could run that and have it update itself but that was a no go. is there a 3rd party viewer that runs easier that i do not know of?
  9. i know a super tech savy guy and he was trying to help yesterday. graphics card has been updated, and the game will not run. i can not get to the point where i can even sign in. kind of bummed about it, my friend could not figure it out either which makes me feel a little hopeless.
  10. i have had second life on my computer in the past. it was compeletly removed a few months ago. i have currently been trying to get it to run on my computer. i have followed all instructions but when i try to run the game is says second life is not responding. my laptop is a year old and is able to run the game i just can't get it to play. please, any suggestions...
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