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  1. Hi I try to update my parcel music but it does't work I go to Land and then Sounds, update the url to youtube url, as well as i try other radio url but didnt' work - i couldn't hear music btw how to join group at SL I had SL account for a long while, but really just recently being active user please help
  2. The screen keep blinking and got worse if i use my mouse to click what can i do to solve the problem it is very unhealthy for eyes and it is very annoying cuz i can barely type properly in world becaue of the blink
  3. hi is it possible t use gift visa card to pay for the linden i need
  4. my SL game environment keep blinking and refreshing, and the hair sometimes iike a big ball as i move. Yes when i try create or edit and i move, it blink and blink worse I have 3GB Ram it is window 7 2.10 GHz how can i fix it
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