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  1. i had this same issue but it only showed when my AO hit a low priority animation or was turned off. Which would allow the gesture movement to show threw when talking on voice. Try searching your inventory for " speech gesture " anything lite up bold deactivate hope it helps hugssss
  2. simple answer hon wormwood potion will bring a soul back from limbo to its original body, as long as you don't own the bloodlines hud and are still human this can be bought for 249L on market place I recommend using a garlic necklace after wards they are free on market and blocks vamps from random bite requests hope it helps hugsss
  3. yeps I had this same problem with the applier hud not working duh sl moment of the decade simply click your lolas > clothing > tank top ect ( then click applier hud ) your new top will show up when your wearing the right default lola clothing setting!!!!! vuala gorgeous bobies now have clothes hope this helps hugssssss
  4. yayyyyys actually did some searching on how the heck to get these hud appliers for lola tangos to work and I stumbled on the creator of lola breasts website now I feel like a dork but this should help all of you! I to had the issue nothing would happen when I clicked the applier hud sooooo my sl duh moment click your lolas for the menu > clothing and put on a default tank top/ tube top ect nowwwww click the applier hud when you have the right default clothing on via hud your new outfit applier will show up!!!! ( every outfit may use a different default clothing so click the optional versions of lola tops till it shows up) so ya smexy naked breasts are the issue gotta put clothing via hud on to make the applier work hugssss hope it helps
  5. 18 weeks pregnant using the pooterbilt mommys hud i keep getting leg pain pop ups even after taking the pain killers and ice pack my husband gives me any suggestions seems abit petty for the need of a doctor visit
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