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  1. hello i know that it was possible to earn bitcoins in second life buy fishing in fish hunt, is it still possible, if not is there any way to earn bitcoins in second life?
  2. hello i used to fish in fish hunt and i remember that you could fish in fish hunt not only fpr lindens, you could actually switch what bait to fish for, you could even swtich to fish for bitcoins, is that option gone?
  3. well fishing in sl was my hobby i never took fishing in as a way to earn rl money, was always just a way to earn lindens to by clothes in sl or something new for my avatar, my friend fiahes alot in fish hunt n she very often mentions bitcoin thats y i asked about it
  4. YaninaYanochka


    hello, i was suprised to find out that in fish hunt you can switch in hud what to catch( for example you can switch to catch bitcoins), i know that there are many fishings, do any other fishings have something similar?
  5. 1$ was taken from card, well since my card was rejected they atleast give me back money, what i dount they will do
  6. well believe it or not, but thats what happened to me, i wanted to add my visa card, they took money from my card for adding it, but the card didnt get aded, it just said an error happened, please try later and thats it. And im not the only person with whom it happened, the same thing happened to my friends.
  7. Hi i decided to add a billing card, the money from my card was taken for adding it, but the card didnt get aded, it says an error occured, what should i do n whats going on??
  8. hello, does any1 know where i could get free female skin textures?
  9. My friend told me a new fishing called mermaid fishing is gona come out, does any1 know if its true n if yes when is it gona come out?
  10. Hello a friend of my told me a new fishing is gona come out, does any1 know if its true?
  11. i know there are many role plays, but i noticed many of them have little sims, i would like to find a role play with combat, xp, and with a meter, but role a play that has many sims not just one, which role plays have the most sims?thanks
  12. i have heard there many jobs where u can get hired in sl to earn money,but i have never been in jobs , mostly prefered fishing for lindens, i was told money travel hud is good for earning money, but it stoped working, so could someone tell me what is in your opinion the best way to earn lindens in sl?
  13. I heard many times shops sometimes have events, on those events r hunts for clothes or shoes, u must go search, n by hunting u win clothes or whatever is or was the prize, but how do i find this events?n how do they work?someone please explain thanks
  14. where can i find find the questions i asked??u know its annoying that i ask questions i wait for answers n there r no answers for a long time than i log out of my second life account, n when i login later i cant find my questions anymore, where r they???
  15. please tell me is there such rpg role play game in second life where i can earn lindens while playing in it, but with no slavery abuse like Gor?
  16. Are there mmorpg games in second life but with no slavery???
  17. Hello, i wanted to ask is there a similar game like Gor in second life, but with no slaves, no making others your slaves?
  18. Please help me, i cant hear people talking in voice n i cant talk in voice, what should i do???
  19. Hello i decided to try using singularity viewer for second life fpr windows 7 and i have a prpblem when i open my profile or my friends profile the profile opens but i cant see the web profile?why?see when i open profile there a window web in it n when i click on web it doesnt open when i click on question it says click load but i cant click load there us a button for load but i cant click on it, its not responding at all, why????
  20. Hello, i tried fishing for lndens with beginner fishing rod, to get lindens you must catch atleast 1 lind, i fished out about 10 times 2 linds and a few times i fished out 3 linds, when i went to get my linds all i got paid 4 linds, why did i get paid so little????is that normal???
  21. Can i allow my friends to move my furniture and how can i do that?
  22. Hello, i have question, i know that some people in second have alarms on their homes which if people come to their home when they are not online from them out, and i have some friends that have who have alarms on their homes, i was checking my links added to favorites on second life and when clicking on one of them i got teleported in my friends home and because that friend was not online i got thrown out, so i want to when alarm throws out people does it give notifications to the house owner who it threw out of their home??
  23. Hello, i have a question about my profile settings, there are settings about gettings notifications and one of them is getting a notification if someone is reading you, what kind of a notofication is that??Is that a notification which you get if someone openes your profile in game or what????
  24. Hello can i change my username and if yes how can i do that?
  25. How do i add a picture in my profile for my avatar, i mean i added the picture but its doesnt show up when someone sees me in Second Life or when i write in chat, why is that so?How do i make it show??
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