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  1. ok guy!!! If you want someone that realize your mesh desire you have find your man (girl in this case!!!!) tip me and let's take a look to my shop: demetra. i wait for you in world!!!! Bye Anita Harlow
  2. no no no Amethyst, my apologize if i give to you this impression. i'm not aginst nobopdy!!! i'm agree with you when you told " i never judge other's work, in general or as individuals. If it made them happy and they like the result then it was a success." but with the "worlds creation" we are in opposite direction as i see. i respect your vision. i believe that this fantastic world might be impruved a lot. i hope that the future might be fantastic as the past.
  3. you have right, the decison are not in our hands. my thread is only a my personal opinion, of what i think about what might be better. but obviously my vision is partial. I list some proposals that was sent by the users in these last years: - new opensource scripting language, possibly python. - new format uploads for music and images: animated png or animated gif, mp3 and “module format music” - create a system that may use the user’s PC as a server, integrated in SL, so to have less lag and more bandwitch. - custom mesh skeleton rigging and animating, i want the possibility to create NPCs that moves with a skeleton. - possibility to upload new media formats, i want to sell my books on secondlife, i want to upload a pdf and simply have it like a book to people to read inworld. - i want to upload games made in blender and sell it. - fix mp search - all inworld product should be clickable by the owner to leave a MP rating/revie. Rating/reviews should be incentivized with cash back from the increased sales tax to both the creator and purchaser - Better sound and sound options. Again, GUI based sound scripting with controls for reverb, delay, range, volume, looping, etc. - Larger parcels with lower tier and higher land impact. If the game is written properly using new and modern techniques and technology these things *should* be possible. - A second UV map channel for either layering decals or baking lightmaps. - Better terraforming and terrain painting tools. - Features included to somehow make SL more of an actual game. How that can be done, I dont know lol. - Oculus Rift support from the get-go. - A dedicated viewer supplied camera object for making videos. - If voxels must be included to build with, please do not make them the only building option. They will always look bad. An expanded and optimized primitive(as in prims) building system will work fine for most things, and mesh is confirmed already. - Viewer-level support for proper vehicles and vehicle physics. I'm talking built in functionality. - Better sim crossing (somehow). - Inventory Backup System - avatar last name - the possibility to create a personalized AO in more simple ways - a more efficacy defense of intellectual property
  4. [...] And who are you to pass judgement anyway on this? Personally I think its great that people can express their creativity, even if they have little talent. Would you take a coloring book away from a kid just because they don't color to meet your standards or stop retired people from taking a painting class they find personally fulfilling just because they aren't professional artist material? Should museums remove paintings you personally don't like? [...] ________________________________________________________________________________________ i'm no one Amethyst to judge the work or the creativity of everyone!!! the focal point is another!! i think that everyone has the right to express yourself as he wants but my impression is that here there are no the terms or the conditions to do this now!!! i give you an example: 6 months ago an avi ask me to build a sculpture for his garden. In this garden there were a sculpture, and this sculpture was well made, in my opinion, but anyway we work a lot to ameliorate all this land... with my help and the help of my friends (all graphic designer) we have 1) created and meet the needs of this friend and the more important thing 2) he was able to learn new techniques, new way to PUT INTO PRACTICE HIS IDEAS!!!! so this example was very important for my friend!!! a simple example!!! he tell us that he has took inspiration by our work!!!! It is from this my personal experinence that rised the idea that i'm showing to you today. In fact here, despite the lot of examples, like wiki, tutorials, ad so on, the impression is that the people has the need to SEE the real potential of SL and the real potential (in my opinion) may be reached also (and not in esclusive way) by professional figures. I repeat myself, no one wants to exclude possibilities, but we want only to implement with new ways. I love second life!!!! is better of any other virtual World i ever seen on internet ( for example active worlds) I think that in many area the examples are very important!! to show other ways, other prospectives!! but i see that many people are scared about new things that may "change" the phylosophy and they are really involved to maintain the "status quo". Then answer me, the creation of new worlds, what to take away, from the worlds that are already there? the response is NOTHING!!! probably they would be a new hypothesys a new way to show the potential of SL Why you are so contrary to new world made by other artists? If you love "freedom" as you say, probably you agree with me that this is not something WRONG but something NEW. i love change and i love to see the thing that step forward!! in any directions!!!
  5. mmmh... ya interesting... but is not a real step forward... for my opinion obviously!!!
  6. ya kenbro, we are the artist, but some times is very sad SL. A lot of words completly empty, some words build as a child of 5 years old, may buid. Script that don't work, and nobody in these words... is a dead world... "your world your immagination" so i have to assume that the "artists" have very little immagination, or only abit of ability... i know that is not so, but then why this world is arrived at this end? and what's the solution? SL is not a game, is not a RPG, probably is nothing!!! thid freedom has lead a lot of projects to the end... so my proposal are only examples!! you can use this tecnology to teach, to make concerts, to create universities, to create everything my focal point is that some one may show to the "artists" the state of the art of this tecnology!!! in my opinion our artists are not able to create something really eye-catching!! and this approximation has lead a lot of people to leave out from SL.
  7. thanks Yingzi, these point may be very important to remember to LL staff...
  8. i'm not sure that my words are clear. i know that SL is not a game. I donn't want a game as you. 1) I' wish hat the total potentiality of SL either be used by everyone but now the situation is far to be real. you have not to think to a simple play. but a very big region, were thousands of people are contemporary in the SIM. and... in this land everyone has his own rank in order to a rule that is esablished by the rule of the sim (as now happen in all the sims of SL). everyone has a lot of gadgets, and do what he want!! BUT this big region may be connected to other hundreds of region with other kind of access... for example the rank or other things... 2) i think that IF the LL assume some good graphic designer, it will be able to create a real masterpiece. if WE are able to do this why a graphic designer could not able to do this? simply they (i.e. LL ) don't want!!!! 3) nobody is preventing the other avatars to create their own worlds. 4) if i buy a region and i pay to build a game probably, i lose my money and my time because the grid don't work properly!!! the first thing to do is to update the grid system...
  9. ya i'm agree with you, a step like this, obviously if it's possible, has to be prepared with great attention!!! i don't know if Linden Lab has the strenght to do a thing like this!!! maybe a major company like Microsoft, Adobe, or Google i think may be more prepared for this.
  10. wow!!! amazing!!!! ya the first video represent what i've ever think about the possibilities of second life!!!! as you sufggested the major problem is to interact with this kind of word... once linden lab has fixed this problem there is an other problem, infact all these building are empty... but Linden Lab might sell to you the buildings.... ad you might modify it as you want... and Linden Lab might sell to you even your home!!!! the potentials are without end... really without end!!!!
  11. regarding the integration between google maps and SL i think that this may be useful only for some cities or hystorical zone... i'm thinking about the Louvre zone in Paris or the colosseum and the "fori romani" zone in Rome with all others hystorical zone. obviously all the globe is now impossible (now) but in 10 years might be possible. i'm excited too for second life 2!!! i'm very happy to know that there are so many news about SL and i hope that the new tecnologies will be more simple to use inworld!!! i know that everyone here want to ameliorate this system but i also know that the intrinsic limit of the freedom is clear...
  12. 1) but nobody want to reduce your control to Second Life, we want to add some extra words that may be more interactive with new tecnologies!!! EXTRA WORDS. this does not detract from the rest of Second Life ... to the limit, it adds a little something extra. 2) i know that is a virtual words, infact my second idea is to create an interaction between google maps with second life!!! this may be a great, powerful, enthusiastic idea!!! you may visit the entire word with your avatar!!! nowaday there's the tecnology to create this kind of things, in automatic way !!!! 3) ya it's creative but its viewer must be changed quickly!!! i know there's a discussion forum on this argument. i'm here to make some new proposal.
  13. but nobody forbids that things can change. because going forward so, things will end very quickly.o today only 50.000 people are connected... in other words (like the word of warcraft that is another thing i know but we don't forget that it's a comunity) we count millions of people!!!! millions of way to connect to others!!!! ya they are the creators of this metaverse, and they give to you the opportunity to create your world... there are tons of worlds completely empty, there are shops everywhere, and land that are only toys for children... when 10 and 15 people come, all lags... so when will be introduced oculus... what will happen? i think that is the time to change something... and quickly...
  14. there are few people that join in second life metaverse respect the initial 6 years of life. for someone the reason is the growing of platform game internet connnected, for other second life is a gold mine not properly exploited for still others the interface is complicated and in the end for some others the lack of rules, leads to the creation of many worlds, but with a few people who can do little at the end because they do not know well the potential of the system. so my proposal is to: 1- linden lab using his database of the worlds in the metaverse, knowing the taste of the people, might to create many very completes worlds for exploration or to play!!!! for example the vampire worlds, or the Lican worlds, ore create worlds that are the part of the same story and than if you want to play in this game you have to enter in diverse world like different levels... than the exploration may be interconnected but based on some rules access rule, if you do not complete before that thing, you does not explore the world after... and in these world every avatar might be assigned to a specific rank... like now, but in a more complete manner, bigger and with more interconnnections between them. 2- linden lab in collaboration with google might ricreate the "real" world using the google maps!!!! so if someone want to visit a museum in london may simulate the arrival to the airport, or use the coach to arrive to the museum and visit the museum before to do it!!! or you may drive in a Alonso's ferrari during the Monaco gp... but for my opinion is an error to leave that the users build everything... 3- at the end the presence of a lead, of a guide, in certain worlds is necessary, in fact the people are not so good to create a story!!! and then the curve of passion decrease immediately... and if the curve decrease few people stay here again... what do you think about?
  15. i have some objects, swords, and other weapons that use glow effect. i usually use a script that deactivate glow effect when i sheat the sword. well, i saw that this script works well with prim or sculpty prim, but does not work with mesh models. in fact when i sheat the sword the glow effect still remain on the invisible object... and this is terrible... someone know why?
  16. would be nice if Linden could transfer SL on console... i think that SL is a very powerful world, i know that SL is not a game, and playstation or Xbox are made to play games and other enterteinment subjects, but SL might be a very promising module to connect people in diverse SL worlds... what do you think about?
  17. would be nice if Linden could transfer SL on console... i think that SL is a very powerful world, i know that SL is not a game, and playstation or Xbox are made to play games and other enterteinment subjects, but SL might be a very promising module to connect people in diverse SL worlds... what do you think about?
  18. i've uploaded a mesh model but the relative texture created with blender don't match with this mesh. i've created a tons of mesh model and is the first time that happen to me this thing!!!! in fact in blender i've uvunwrapped the model and textured with a material. Usually when i export the mesh model in collada format and relative texture the matching procedure inworld goes right!!! have you some tricks or help? thank in advance!!! 100 linden who help me to solve this problem!!!
  19. Jenni Darkwatch wrote: It probably is a script to alter physics shapes for prims... works well with prim builds, doesn't work well with sculpts and does nothing for mesh. no iknow that script, and it's not that. In fact, i've see that many furniture builders, use this very useful script. an example: if you go there:https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LAQ-Decor-Sofa-Set-10-color-pack/3895300 you can see that this sofa is only 5 prim equivalent... i'm a builder and i know that this is impossible reaching this number using mesh... if you count the pieces you see that they are effectively 5 mesh linked... than probably this builder use this script...
  20. some weeks ago i've saw a script that reduce the number of prim and than the land impact of the objects where is put in. many builders use it! but i can't remember the name of this script or the creator... may you help me to remember this?
  21. yesterday the item, "sith vampiria flagellum dei" is marked in red in my listing marketplace, with the message "Removed under our Marketplace Listing Guidelines for Listing Not Flagged As Adult-Nudity." ok i've made a mistake... now how can i reparir?may i reload the item? shall i put the item in general category, if i cover the nipples in the main and secondary image of marketplace? or it's advised to put in adult category? thanks in advance.
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