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  1. Scratch that...I found the button...definate blonde moment....apologies for the quality of the pics as I haven't really had a chance to edit them yet but anyhoo...this is the look I am currently rocking for 2012...though admittedly I change my look frequently...
  2. I would post mine but i can't seem to post a pic on here yet..any ideas people or am I just having a blonde moment?
  3. I will check out Tuli and Hush as haven't checked those out yet. I think I have been to Pulse and while they looked amazing and really unique they weren't quite right for the look I am after. Mojo I'm not sure if I have checked them out already i need to visit the store to remember lol I check out far too many SL skin shops. I agree with the poster who said Rockberry can be slow with new releases, although they do have a big selection in store, would be nice to see some more new ones. Also the main Rockberry store has several lucky boards where you can win one of their skins, forgot to mention that in my original post just in case anyone on here isn't aware.
  4. This is kind of a question and kind of an opinion I am sure the topic has been posted before but Skins are my total obsession on SL and I would like to share my favourites with others and maybe find some new places that sell good quality skins to check out. I know skins are a matter of personal opinion but that being said I will list my absolute favourites and the reasons I like em in order of preference; 1, Curio - The softest and most detailed skins I have found on SL in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a Curio skin, I love the doll like delicate look they give. They are absolutely unique to me, a class above most of the others I have found. You have to find the right shape to bring out the best in these skins, perhaps even more so than some of the other skins around, but the same could be said for most skins really and so worth it when you do. Ok they are 1K a pop but for that price you get tons of options, they are well worth every last L$ IMO. I have four Curio skins and I absolutely adore them. 2, Pink Fuel ; My current second favourite - these skins are suprisingly detailed for the price (about 400L$ for one skin) and again give a really unique look with character, they also look really current and up to date. 3, Al Vulo - I think a lot of people either love or hate Al Vulo, but I love em and think they give a really pretty, clear and fresh look. I usually wear these type of skins with a cutesy type of shape either a shape from Al Vulo itself or a shape that has been made for an Al Vulo skin which are easy to pick up for pennies as so many people seem to admire these lovely skins and make shapes especially suited to them. They also have a group gift skin available which you can pick up for free by joining group if you wanna try them out. 4, Rockberry - Again absolutely fantastic for the price at around 450L$ a pop, Rockberry skins give a bang up to date look and the strength of these skins is that the faces are so damm pretty in my opinion. They are full of character in my opinion, not hard or shiny at all, and not at all featureless, they look different on every shape , unlike the Laq skins which to me although undoubtedly well made do look pretty similar on a lot of shapes. 5, Mother Gooses - These skins are unique, great for a slightly younger look and I have found they are easy to match with a lot of shapes as they seem work well with all kinds of different shapes. You can also pick up a lot of dollarbies of these skins from the main store as well win them on the lucky boards if you want to try them out. 6, Filthy - These are a new find for me but so far I am pretty impressed by these, they are lovely and clear, soft and fairly detailed although for the price I would prefer to buy a Curio skin. howver I joined the group which is currently 199L$ to join I believe and for that price I was able to try a couple of their skins out. But 1800L$ for a skin??? I don't think so, obsessed as I am, 1K is about my limit for a skin unless it is really omg wow and these aren't THAT special although of course others might disagree. I would pay 1800L$ for Curio but I have yet to find another store that I would say that for. 7, JesyLilo - Although for me not the most detailed, these skins have a unique look about them which is bang up to date and is just really kewl and the store also frequently gives away group gift skins if you wanna give them a try. 8, Modish - I like these skins I have only got the opportunity to try out a couple which I picked up on promo or group gift but I'm very impressed so far with them and often wear them. 9, Belleza - I feel kind of meh about Belleza to be honest, I have a lovely skin from them but then again I bought another one that I was really dissapointed in, they are hit or miss from me but I did feel they deserved a mention because when they get it right what you have is a lovely skin that just goes with so many different shapes, which is hard to say about a lot of the other skins which you usually have to spend hours finding a shape to match with. I should state here that I am not a big fan of Laq although it has to be said there is something about their skins which does stand out, for me they seem to be for the more glam look and just don't appeal. I do have a Laq skin and there is no denying the quality but I do prefer a cutesy softer look. Well those are my current faves, I'd be interested to hear about opinions from others.
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