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  1. It is mainly about the look of the head and face. I'm using a Signature mesh body which I'm completely happy with, but taking my head and facial features and trying to put them onto what looks to me like one big round mesh cue ball head is more than challenging. The original skin if from Tellaq and I don't know of any mesh heads that might be an equivelant starting point. As to why I would want to bring my look into the modern age if I'm happy with it now....well, why would one trade in a perfectly fine automobile for a newer model? Simply to have the latest and greatest version with all the bells and whistles.
  2. Can someone explain what the process would be to take the look of a classic looking avitar and turning it into mesh? I've had my look from a classic avi for years and to say that I have grown fond and comfortable with it would be an understatement. Switching to mesh seems almost as if I would be leaving someone behind. What would be the steps to updating my avi to mesh while keeping as much of it's current look as possible? I've tried different mesh shapes and heads, played with the sliders, but unless I'm missing soething very basic, it seems that bringing my old look into the new mesh world is going to take some very creative and talented skills that I probably don't have.
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