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  1. Like one that works like an ant's jaws or something like that? Most manual jaws are scipted so they can only be rotated up and down. I'm making an av that requires an ant-like jaw.
  2. I am creating an avatar that has stuffing/cotton coming out of it, but I'm not sure what to use! I have looked on the marketplace, but I can't seem to find anything that will do. Does anyone know of any good-quality cotton/stuffing objects that I could get?
  3. EDIT- Thanks for the help! Like if someone touched it, it would display "(resident) touched (Whatever object the script was inserted into)" How would I script that? Could someone post an example?
  4. Sorry to ask yet another ao question but I am rather confused. The ao that I have for one of my avatar's idle position is rather still, so I want to add some looking animations to the AO without messing up the pose that the ao puts my avatar in. How would I do that? What would I categorize the look animations under? If I were to use a self-learning ao where I just drag the animations into it and I pick which animation is which, what would I put the looking animations under? Please someone help! :(
  5. I am creating this avatar here in this linked picture. Now everything would be great, but the Animation override doesn't really cut it for me with the lack of head animations, so I am trying to add some head tilt/turn aimations to the ao, but I am not entirely sure how to do that. Can someone please help me with this? 
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