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  1. With the Advent of Stadia by Google, is there any way that Linden Labs may be interested in pushing Second Life to Google's services? At this time, Stadia supports Havok, the same physics engine Second Life runs on. Of course, transferring Second Life to Stadia would probably be pricy for Linden Labs, but it would reap a LOT of benefits. Examples of this would be a push to the forefront of technology for Virtual Worlds, and truely make Second Life stand out again, drawing in new players. Additionally, more players means more income, and the push to Google's servers means there could
  2. So, I help Alina Lyvette with Lumiya Viewer. I keep asking lindens, etc, about Vivox's api for mobile, but keep getting pushed off. What do I do?
  3. Will the Vivox SDK be expanded to include SL Voice function for mobile, and get larger amounts of users interested from a mobile standpoint since OnLive failed?
  4. Did it get axed, or just die quietly? I would have loved to give tours of my grid from SL, but looks like that project died out.
  5. I am poor and unable to own land as I cannot oafford it, but if ti was lower, I know I would rent land, and such as much as I could, I love building, but I want a place to call my own instead of sandboxes, and not get scalped for it.
  6. Today's new devices can handle a lot of complex items and tasks, so why hasn't there been a SL full viewer for Android/ iOS besides Lumiya, which works well, but it would be nice with Unreal Engine level of performance, with windlight, and voice. Could Unreal Engine be used with SL? Why, or why isn't it used already? I would love to see beautiful graphics on a tablet, or web-based browser, but no one has an answer why it isn't used already.
  7. Just wondering if there is any way to switch between networks on a stargate without multiple gates.
  8. Just wondering if there will ever be an sl viewer for android tablets. Anyone have any idea?
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