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  1. Is there a way to have AVSitter2 listen for a link message (or similar) from another script to trigger an animation change for a sitter? Just started playing with AVSitter2 and see that in the YT tutorials you can use it with a sailboat. I didn't see where it could use an external trigger to make a change. Does anyone have an example to show how this can be done? Thanks! --Mig
  2. I am looking to add WWC Racewind as part of a highly modified version of Dora Gustafson's basic sailboat engine (the core dynamics are based off of that code set). I am looking for someone who has experience with sailing engines as well as the WWC components for Racewind. Alternatively, I have a HUD completed that feeds wind direction and speed 'presets' to the engine, however the engine appears to have problems translating these input strings into the correct vectors (or perhaps tripping over them in the calculations within the engine). If I could at least get the engine to accept and w
  3. I am completing a sailboat build that I'd like to incorporate WWC Racewind as part of its sailing engine, which is a highly modified version of Dora Gustafson's basic sailboat engine (the core dynamics are based off of that code set). I am looking for someone who has experience with sailing engines as well as the WWC components for Racewind. Please feel free to IM me in world if you think you can help ... this would be a for-hire project. Thanks, -- Mig
  4. My girlfriend just got a new head and body, but she's got a line at her neck and can't seem to get rid of it ... please see the pic below. She's wearing a legacy body with genus head and E. Beauty skin and head applier. No neck corrector with either and on dot 4 in the legacy hud. Any suggestions on how to fix? Thanks! -- Mig
  5. This looks like it's going to work ... I understand this is a 2D ribbon, and It seems like the ribbon width in your provided code is already at minimum, but are there any tricks to narrow the width, or create any sort of depth to it? I used a 256 by 256 px flat color texture. Thanks
  6. Would anyone be able to share an example of a script that can connect two prims with a ribbon particle, and if one of those prims move, it stays 'connected' to the other prim via the ribbon particle? The idea is to emulate a rope and pulley system. Any help is greatly appreciated! The moving prim will be moved via another script. Thanks! --Mig
  7. Hi Qie ... I started down the llMessageLinked route because the main script wasn't reliably calling for the alpha changes or rotations on my 'sail' prims based on the link number. Firestorm would tell me the link number of a prim and I would plug that into the call, but when I ran the script the wrong prims in the linkset would do those alpha and rotation changes. It really didn't make sense because Firestorm would consistently call the same linknum for a given prim, so it wasn't like the numbers were changing on me and I wasn't unlinking/linking them, which of course could change their linknu
  8. Unfortunately my program doesn't do mesh rigging, and I've just scratched the surface with Blender. I think I'll try Profaitchikenz's suggestion of a timer within the script for my OP, but your suggestion of animesh intrigues me because I'd like to use that for something else. Do you or anyone you know have experience with animesh? If so, I would like to pursue a conversation about assisting with a fairly straightforward application of it.
  9. Hello fellow scribblers ... So I have these two objects in a linkset (I'll call them fins), and the intent is to use llMessageLinked calls from the root script to scripts in each prim, and rotate them on the X axis to specific positions based on the call. On entry, or when 'M' is sent, they should be Left Fin, X rotation = 300, Right Fin X rotation = 60. When 'R' is sent, both move to X rotation = 0. I'm using a llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast call and it works fine, but it snaps to position, and I want to control the speed of rotation. ex ... llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS, [P
  10. What I may end up doing is removing the 'likely suspects' in the rigging and then try the resize again. Given what's in the linkset, the rigging is what is approaching that minimum size.
  11. Ah, that explains it ... I have a bunch of sheets and halyards (ropes) that are pretty thin. Good to know ... thanks!
  12. I've got an unscripted boat linkset made up of both mesh and a handful of regular prims, and I'm trying to scale it down to a model size. I've tried two open source scripts, including this one, but could only drop the size of my build about 10% and it wouldn't scale down any further. One of my friends mentioned that it might be because of the mixed nature of my build ... can anyone confirm that? If so, Is there a workaround or another script that can handle the issue? Thanks! --Mig
  13. Thank you Fenix for the guidance and suggestions, and for clearing up my confusion with the event vs function ... The animation is now aligned with mouselook! That was a learning moment for sure 🙂
  14. Thanks for the help! I tried adding both the timer event and the GetAgentInfo poll in the control section of the script, and it did save, but I'm not seeing llStartAnimation(gShootAnimation) actually run ... how should I tweak it to solve that problem? control(key id, integer held, integer change) { llSetTimerEvent(0.3); rotation Rot = llGetCameraRot(); llStartAnimation(gShootAnimation); if ( held & change & CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON) { if (llGetInventoryType(gShootSound) == INVENTORY_SOUND) llPlaySound(gShoot
  15. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to do a little modification on an open source gun script. I left off the globals and the default / state entry section, and what's below that is what I'm needing help with. Basically it's working mostly as intended. When the pistol is attached it plays the 'racking' animation ('gRackAnimation') once, and when I go into mouselook AND squeeze off a round, the 'gShootAnimation' animation plays. What I'm trying to do though is turn off 'gShootAnimation' when I come out of mouselook, and I can't seem to figure out where to put llStopAnimation(gShootAnimation) to ma
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