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  1. Like alot of people on here, I enjoy a few "services" from escorts. There was one that does a really good cam show and offered me a "special show since I have paid for her services several times already. So I agreed and paid her price. Next thing I know, she kept me waiting for her to come on. I still see her on line and ask if there is a problem. I type to her in skype and they respond with not receiving anything or remember me asking for a show. I am not sure if it's the same person but they come up with a story of how the one I paid is an imposter. But when I said how can it be if I always paid her and I have her on my friends list, she tries to say that it's a friend who collects the money while she does the show. I think they are one in the same. Can they be reported for scamming and stealing?
  2. Hello. I am looking to buy a full region that is rated for adult content. I am willing to take developed or a clean slate. Please drop me a notecard in world. Thank you for your time.:matte-motes-smitten:
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