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  1. I had a problem with purchasing the item in inworld store. Instead of buy i click pay and the money went directly to the owner, i did not receive any items. When i tried the redelivery system it is stating that i have no recent purchases from that store. In the general chatbox there was a proof that i paid a sum of money to the owner. I contacted the owner and her customer service. Sent both of them a notecard, however for 3 days no i did not get any respond from them, even though i saw the "customer Service" person went online recently. I sent them a message again and even looking for any help at the group chat but to no avail. I just recently send a message to the owner's flickr account but i doubt that she will get back to me asap. Can i file a report on this? this is a very bad customer service, i mean how can they engage in such kind of business if they cannot even address to customers needs. I have been very patient but not my patience is wearing thin. Any suggestions guys?
  2. my boyfriend lives in other state... but he was able to crash my avatar even though he is not online. He told me that he is able to do that without logging in SL but he wont tell me how. I dont know if it's a program outside SL or a hud and its getting annoying because he keeps on crashing me even though he is at work. I think he uses his phone which is connected to his computer. but then he can make me crash even when he is not online and take note he lives in other state. how can that be possible? i want to report him but i dont know how to explain it cause its not spam or grief or hud. pls help.
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