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  1. guys.. when i make tattoo of cursive font it looks clear in photoshop.. but when i try to upload it it looks fu... stretched and i tried many stuffs still it looks blurred plzz help..
  2. hello friends am not able to upload images in firestorm neither sl viewer whats wrong please help!!! upload option not showing.. only bulk thing is there other is not :/
  3. Hello am having an issues of not able to see the poseballs while i try to dance with my partner in clubs this things happening from many days but i thought it might be cause of viewer or script things but its not working and day by days its worst one more thing search engine is not loading as well i tried to check my net connection cleared the cache please help.....
  4. Hello am not able to open ma profiel in world and search option its keep loading and then turns black please help.. :(
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