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  1. hey there, i have had secondlife for around 3-4 years now i have been trying different 3rd party viewers but i keep getting the same problem. I load up, and then after a few minutes it crashs and says "This region may be experiancing trouble" and then i have to quit. This is getting quite irritating now!! I miss secondlife and my friends on there. Something tells me the problem is linked to my internet, so if anyone out there has good knowledge as to what router settings i should use, please reply! Help me!
  2. This is very interesting, i think it is awesome that your a witch, i have never met one, but i always knew some kind of unknown force or being was here with us. I am honoured to meet you :-) Since you are part of the world of witchs, could you enlighten me into what other creatures are out there? Are their wizards? Werewolves? Regards, Saraha
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