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  1. i summited a help ticket thingy, but haven't reseived a reply yet. I really want to log into SL and play it, its makeing me frustrated.
  2. can't log into SL think it may be a corrupt group tag and ask them to inactivate it.
  3. i'll try but idk if it will work let me see
  4. yea still can't i also tried lime aswell
  5. how long do these things take cause its 7:41pm and i still can't log on
  6. i can't get into my secondlife keeps giving me a message saying unable to connect to the grid, dispite the best efferts something unexpectedly wenbt wrong, please check SecondLife.com/Status, to see if theres a known problem with the server.
  7. Thank you so much my avatar appeared , just need to fix my cloths so it appears aswell. :DD
  8. Hi i need help, I loged on to SL and everything else loadeds, but my avatar doesn't it stays at the rezz cloud look, can't see my avatar just the cloud. I cleared all my ceche but still the same. D:
  9. Hey i have voice chat enabled but it still isn't working it says Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat i don't know why this is happening when i can clearly see tht the in world chat is aloud in some rooms. Please help me by iming me or inboxing me.
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