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  1. Hi everybody, I'm an intermediate sculptor, and I'm able to make some quick sculpts for y'all, but I have no time to texture them so that will be up to you. But if you need good sculpted blanks as part of a bigger build, I'm your man. IM me in-world (Dardicus) with your requests and I'll see what I can do.
  2. Perfect for a barge, boathouse, yacht, waterfront property, anything! Skybox it up or do what you will with it! 1563m, with 351 prim capacity. Thoroughly recommended for the appeasement of anyone's inner seadog. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Horowitz/24/80//
  3. I'm working on a project that's taking up most of my time right now, but I'm available for some quick sculpts (nothing too complicated). Unfortunately I won't be able to do any texturing on them due to time constraints, that will be up to you. Price will be negotiated with the buyer depending on what you want and what you want it for i.e full perm items will cost extra and cannot be marketed as they are as per the usual, they must be part of a creation or modified. So guys, what are y'all looking for? I'm pretty good at making shoe and boot bases, but drop me an IM (dardicus) in-world with what you want and/or message me normally on this :) Take is easy Seán
  4. Hi there, Looking for a sound but just can't seem to find it? Want a new sound but can't make it? I have 3 years of RL experience in sound synthesis and sampling, and am trying to build a portfolio in SL. I am very versatile when it comes to creating sounds, and will custom make your own personalized ones. The kind of people I am aiming to reach are those who, for example, are creating RP games and may want laser sounds or atmospheric effects, personalized jingles or indeed anyone who wants to bring real individuality to their product/object in question. The price is negotiable on each sound depending on the intricacy of it, but the upload costs must be covered by the client, which will be discounted from the total cost. Scripting ain't my thing, I simply produce the sounds and it's up to you what you do with them, but if you include the details as to what you are using them for and if you need multiple similar sounds for use with animations and/or scripts I will accomodate that. My SL name is Dardicus Meridius, feel free to IM me with your enquiries and requests :)
  5. 5 years of secondary school and 1 and a half years of college education in German. I am quite new to SL but quickly getting the hang of it. I can do anything from translating product descriptions to conversation translation, and virtually anything in-between, just hand me what needs to be translated, who it needs to be translated for and it will be done. L$20 per word
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