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  1. Thank you guys!!! The suggestion about Cntrl+alt+Q worked (btw, alt and option are the same key on a mac). Oddly enough, I now have on minimal things...just a dress and shoes. My friend took a screenshot of me a few days ago before I could see myself and I had on all sorts of things (glasses, wristbands, legwarmers, gigantic shopping bag...). Does this command kind of strip things down? I'm not complaining...the getup my professor gave me was a bit over the top. And for the suggestion about downloading another viewer...sounds like it would work, but my professor has us doing all sorts of things and I'd like to stay in the same program as the rest of the class. I cannot thank you all enough for your help!! What a great community -Kristin
  2. Sorry to hijack, but I'm having the same problem as the OP. Anyone know the rebake command on a mac? Thanks! Kristin
  3. Ha ha!!! Abigail that did it!!! Still can't see myself, but at least I can see the key features needed for class. THANK YOU!! Thanks to everyone else, too, for your suggestions. Packet loss was at 0.000%, and my internet connection, while not super-fantastic, has never caused me issue in the past. -Kristin
  4. Please, please help!! I am able to log in and move around, can even speak with others in real time. However, my "world" is completely wrong. I am only a blob of light. On other people I can only see their hair. I see outlines of buildings, but the interior isn't showing up, nor are any decorations on the outside. My cursor is perpetually a circle with an L (the SL currency?). Can anybody help me? I'm on a brand new (summer 2011) MacBookPro, latest version of firefox (just uploaded this morning). I need this website for class and am unable to get around. ANY help appreciated!! Below are screen shots of what my friend saw on her computer and what I saw on mine when we met to chat tonight. In the 2nd photo I'm the blob of light and she's the talking hair to my left. Thanks!! Kristin
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