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  1. I totally agree that you have to be careful what objects you give permissions to, and to use such an item is a risky matter, but so is using a rent box, a donation box, a vendor, pretty much anything that requires the transfer of funds. They all require the permission to transfer funds and trust in the scripter is required. I do have other products on the market and not a single one has a bad review. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Raidens-ATM-System/3776835 If a scripter is untrustworthy is very quickly shows in the comments of their products The item is not so you can pay to your a
  2. Hi there I am a scripter and I am getting close the the first release of a product I am building. It is an ATM which allows the access of lindens across multiple avatars. I am looking for testers to run through some test cases to ensure the product runs as expected. These test cases will be set steps with expected results. Your job will be to ensure these steps work as expected. As a reward for helping you will be provided with the ATM free of charge with lifetime updates. I need people with multiple avatars to enable testing of all sorts of situations Please contact Raiden
  3. Hey Guys. I have a script connecting to a database outside SL. It goes to the database, gets the stats of the player and then returns the stats to the HUD. The stats are returns like this. ALLGOOD:GET STATS:NONE:HYBRI:11:-3:100:UNKNOWN:BelindaHanson Resident:5:1:Hybrid Lust:9:9:0:1:0:NONE:10:5:10:0:0:1:0:0:0:0:0:0:None:4:1437694980:1 Now this script reads the the return like this... llOwnerSay(body); list results = llParseString2List( body,[":"], [""]); llOwnerSay(llList2String(results, 0)); if(llList2String(results, 0) == &qu
  4. I recently had a few people contact me about Beyond the Veil. I was using a chat program outside of SL and it errored. I lost the contact information for these people. Please if you have contacted me recently replay to this post or IM me again and I will contact you back.
  5. I could have done... lol I always forget about bumping
  6. I have started a new Roleplay HUD system where Angels and Demons battle for human souls. Its called Beyond the Veil. If you are interested the website is http://slbeyondtheveil.com and I can get you in touch with a few players.
  7. Beyond the Veil is taking off quickly with 29 Angels and 50 Demons. However as you can see the Angels need some help. WE NEED ANGELS! If you are interested in fighting for the Angels then check out our website http://slbeyondtheveil.com and join up. Overview Beyond the Veil is a HUD based MMORPG in Second Life. It was release on 24th June 2015. It is a battle between Angels and Demons to control the souls of humanity. To be immortal a demon or an angel must drink from a Spring of Youth. These springs are connected to the Fountain of Youth. Each day your immortality fades. You have thirty point
  8. Hey guys Beyond the Veil has a new website. It give you all the information you need to know what its all about. If you wanna be an Angel or Demon in SL then check this game out. http://slbeyondtheveil.com
  9. Hey Freya, I was not meaning all people and I apologise if it came across that way. I was referring to the comments posted in the other post about the vampire system. There was one post that basically said people that use these systems are as bad as rapists. When I said, some people, I was not in any terms meaning all people or even most people. Once again I apologise for the misunderstanding. For others I can understand the fear. For them I say, your avatars key is not stored in our database, only your name so that when players scan their surroundings they can see the results. As for a websi
  10. Well I just had a read of the link Drake1 Nightfire. I hadn't heard of that before reading it. I would say that developers like myself are trying to create games that do not hinder another avatar in the way Bloodlines does. Unlike the Progeny Vampire System, when taking the soul of an avatar in my game, does not even effect their gameplay if they want to join the game. They are able to join without any problems. I think some people get a little scared that a system says they are dead or the soul belongs to this person or their soul is damned, but there is no need to worry. That information is
  11. Souls are collected from Avatars who are not playing. So if you are at a club or some other place with people you can collect their soul. It s done by either cursing them or blessing them. You do not need to get them into the game. Getting people into the game helps boost your soul count as all your minions/disciples souls count towards your souls too. The avatar you are cursing/blessing is not aware it is happening. I did it this way so the game can be played anywere scripts are allowed without people getting upset with you.
  12. Hey guys i have started up a new game called Beyond The Veil. Its a battle between Angels and Demons to control the souls of humanity. You can read about it on my blog. Beyond the Veil Overview I am inviting people to become players of the game for free. Normally, the HUD cost $599L but if you jump in now I will activate every HUD to full every day until I have enough numbers. I am also offering people to start a clan in the game completely free too. The clan setup pack normally cost $990L. So if you have ever wanted to be one of the first clans in a game, or have wanted to be a top clan, then
  13. I have written up an overview about the game on my geek blog. You can read all about it there. http://gettinmygeekon.blogspot.com.au/2015/06/beyond-veil-overview.html
  14. Oops sorry misread your post, no at the moment I don't own a Sim however, I do plan for it. My goal is to make Heaven and Hell where Demons and Angels can call home.
  15. Yeah good point, sorry about that and to answer you question yes clans will need a place to set up base.
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