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  1. AshleyNicolle


    i am new to this with mesh and blender so i try to learn but know i wonder how i can set the arrows in the left side who shows the axels bigger thanks for answers
  2. AshleyNicolle


    I am new to this mesh things ans now i wonder if i can use all mesh things in blender ?
  3. i wonder if i can make sculps in blender 2.63 and after have finish it there ans saved as a collade fide, import it to 2.43 and there save it as a sculp to inport it to sl? thanks for answers
  4. AshleyNicolle


    Is there anyone who knows how i can do a ruched skirt and if there are some tutorials on that thanks for answers
  5. i have a Q that i hope someone can help me with. i have tried and tried to find a way to move just one face without moving more in blender, like a table leg and i know i cant use extrude so i have used grab and scale, so i wonder if anyone can help me and tell me how i should do that without moving faces around the face i will move
  6. AshleyNicolle


    I wonder why we cant have a forum for sculps Iknow that there are many ppl who works with sculps even me so that should be fun to have a forum for that
  7. i have watched Gaya´s video to make a simple table in blender 2.49 all did well to that i should bake it i did look many times hpw she did but i did see i dont had the same as she i had no quick bake sculp mesh as she had so when i did bake it i only had 1 peace baked not all so now i begin to be tired of this can anyone explaine how to do this i use blender 2.49 pub from jass
  8. Afriend of me have problems with blender 2.49 when she use extrude edges when she do that she have a different result when she bake it it looks like this, so she wonder what she do wrong?
  9. AshleyNicolle

    Maya 2012

    I have just bought Maya 2012 and try to learn how it work but i have something i wonder. I have tried to save some thing i have sculpted to upload in SL but when i do that nothing happen i have downloaded the scripts that it say´s i need so i wonder if any one can tell me how to do?
  10. I have some problem when i a sculp with blender. When i use exrude and only faces and i have scale it in like x and i bake it it dont look like the model i have its look like a nose in the back there are some faces that not be right so i wonder what i do wrong or im only dumb i hope that any one can help me
  11. AshleyNicolle


    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\im new to this sculping and i have done a couple but when i load it and rezz it like a cylinder i only see the half of it the other half are transparent so i wonder how i must do to have a whole sculp
  12. I have a problem , i have follow Gaias tuturial about modelling with outlines all goes well to the end when she say S.S-Shifty-0 and when i read the text it says S. S-shift Z-0 have treid both but cant get it to work, So i wonder if any one can help me and tell me how i must do
  13. I wonder if anyone help me, I think to do finger nails for my ava and i wonder if anyone can help me to tell me how to do it if the is any tutorial or so, Please help me
  14. I hope some one can help me. i need help to make a shirt collar both a open one and also a closed on Is there some one that can tell me how to do it please
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