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  1. hello, i can't send items from my sending box to marketplace; how to do ? thanks
  2. hello it is the first time i see a forum without the ability to reply to the aswer. Thanks for your help but i already read this page. In the debug mode it is written warning: ll_apr_warn_status: apr: aucune connexion n'a pu être établie car l'ordinateur cible l'a expressément refusé. means the other computer ( mine or the server or router? ) didn't allow the connection.
  3. Hello, i have slvoice problems The music steamings are ok, but not the voice. I cannot talk nor hear other people. I don't see the white dots on the avatars. My mic button don't funtion. When i change the settings and activate voice, it slows down everythinng, it is hard to walk. It seems to be firewall problems. Windows 7-64x's firewall is OK I cheked out the modem-routeur. Restart it and open the ports. I earase SL client and DL it again etc... Still don't have voice. I don't find the answers i want around the internet. I like typing, but i really need to hear people who likes talking. Wht to do? please do you have an answer ?
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