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  1. Even though I'm allowing SL to use up to 100KB/s, it only uses around 10-30KB/s, despite there being plenty of things left to download where I'm around. I am monitoring the whole bandwidth on my network card and router, so I am sure there aren't any other programs being used that might be taking away the bandwidth. Hello again all!! Sorry for the late reply.. was trying to figure out how to reply to you guys, and after asking Peggy it turns out I can only edit this answer. (Thank you again Peggy for the long and detailed reply in PM!!) As I told Peggy, I meant around 100kilobytes/s which is around 1000kbps (which is my maximum speed). I gave SL 800kbps as you told me, but it still peeks at only 200kbps, despite most of the things on the map still unloaded..
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