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  1. I mean i would never put my details onto a website i knew for sure wasnt legit, im just wondering though, even by just VISITING the page can they get your details?
  2. Yes, im just wondering since its a blogspot if thats possible since it is owned by google, i would hope not but you just cant tell these days.
  3. Ive heard someone is going around hacking alot of residents, he's posting his results on a blogspot, im obviously not going to post the link, but i have been on it, im just wondering if your details can be taken through a blogspot? just by clicking the link? is this possible or not? thank you!
  4. after doing some research i found there are huds in world that can track people like that, i'm wonder now if i was to mute the user would i then stop being tracked?
  5. I have a query about privacy which i'm hoping someone can help with, someone is using something...i dont know if its a third party viewer or a hud or something to track when i log off and log on aswell as other names i have, is this against TOS and if it is how do i go about getting this person banned or there programs removed to stop tracking me, naturally this must be grossly against privacy for second life residents and must be stopped =x thanks for all answers in advance!
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